Adspy group buy from the results obtained, you will draw experience to do better or healthy competition. Even this is a “treasure idea” when you “squash”  for the upcoming campaign.


Adspy Group Buy

What is adspy?

Adspy group buy opponents on Facebook is the activity tracking, observing the opponent’s jobs on Facebook, namely in the Content array. Specifically, you will study the opponent’s Adspy.

What to do on Facebook?

  • Who is it?
  • What is the form?
  • How is the style?
  • “Catching Trend”?

From the results obtained, you will draw experience to do better or healthy competition. Even this is a “treasure idea” when you “squash” Adspy group buy for the upcoming campaign.

Which object should you spy?

Depending on the target of each stage of development, you will need “zoning” specific Adspy objects.

First, your direct competitors in the industry.
Secondly, companies and business organizations have products and services and customer segments.
Thirdly, large e-commerce brands. You can learn, emulate and get inspiration, “Catch Trend” from them.
In the technology era, every moment passed to bring you countless opportunities to grow. Digital marketing development is outstanding. Approaching customers in front of rivals for a few seconds, impressing customers “slightly” more opponents, … will affect significantly to your revenue and profits. These helpful tools will help your Adspy group buy  Content ADS of opponents on Facebook more efficiently!
Frequently asked questions about Adspy.

What is the benefit of Spy Content ADS?

Spy Content ADS plays an important role in the implementation of marketing campaigns. As follows:

When you understand the opponent’s Content, you know what they are doing well. Since then, learning to experience and up new marketing campaigns with his style, helping you quickly conquer the new trend in the market.
Declaring product value through different and unique points for its products and rival companies.
See the shortcomings as well as the marketing campaign that the opponent has not experimented with. Take advantage of that, you can avoid the mistake that opponents get and deploy the rival marketing campaign unfounded.
Know the evaluation of use when using rival products Adspy group buy. Synthesis of those feedback helps you approach customer needs more conveniently.
So, evaluate market segment, towards development for businesses in the future.