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What is the Alexa Rank (Alexa Rank)?

How do I know what my Website ranks on the Internet with billions of websites? Go to the page (www. and enter the website name you want to know. is a company founded in 1996. Since mid-1999, the Company has become a member of the leading US online retailer group, Alexa goal is to navigate internet access for users. Through the statistics of web user activity, Alexa can give a ranking list of websites by popularity.

Every day, “scours” all over the Internet, calculating the number of visitors (called “reach”) and the number of pages viewed (called “page view”) of each Website and then ranking by calculating averaged frequency over the past three months according to records of data kept. indicates the number of visitors as the percentage of one million Internet users who visit a particular site.

A website visited multiple times on the same day by the same person is counted by only once. The number of Web pages of a Website that a visitor can view will be an average.

How does Alexa work?

The Alexa Ranking index ranks frequently visited websites, which are statistically based on the users who install the Alexa Toolbar, a utility that helps users surf the web, especially beginners. And more diverse. When entering a website, this it toolbar will display the Ranking of that Website and list the websites with similar content and popularity. The it rank value is expressed as the semester rank of high school students, ie, the lower the value, the higher the popularity. More than 10 million computers are currently accessing the Internet in every country in the world with the Alexa Toolbar installed.

The Alexa ranking index is combined from 2 factors: the number of websites that the user views (Page Views) and the number of visitors (Reach). This merging is a very creative idea, as it eliminates the ability to create virtual queries using automated programs. The Page Views and Reach figures will be listed by day and calculated the average value over the last three months, from which the it index is calculated. These indicators are automatically updated to reflect trends that change every three days.

The way Alexa works is: using cookies to track all of the user’s website access activities. Perhaps this is the main reason that people put the it Toolbar in the Spyware category.

What are the benefits of Alexa Rank:

The Alexa ranking index of a high web site is understood that the site has many visitors, giving the site a vivid impression and reputation.

In the online advertising market, Alexa Rank can be used to evaluate the advertising value.
The Alexa rank index is a measure of webmasters’ performance working with the community and is a very useful tool to help webmasters effectively administer the Website.

What does the Alexa Index reflect on your Website?

According to the above statistics, the Alexa index of a website will reflect the number of people visiting that website and the number of pages on that Website that these users visit.

These are also two main factors showing the popularity of a website, being visited by many people, and having many websites queried. That is why many websites “display” the Alexa Ranking index on the front of the homepage to demonstrate their popularity. The Alexa Index updates every three days to reflect the sudden changes in website traffic, while the 3-month average index will reflect the steady level of access for the whole quarter. Website.

Also, it only calculates the level of access at the primary domain level.

Standard evaluation level for each Website?

With more than 10 million computers installed scattered worldwide, the Alexa Index has become a benchmark in assessing the popularity of websites on a global scale. Of course, this is only a relative concept. The number of it Toolbar users accounts for a very small part of the community with more than 1 billion global Internet users, or just over … 1%.

Becoming a value indicator means increasing the Alexa Ranking becomes a target of striving, a “buyable item,” becoming a popular service. Just visit and search with three keywords “Alexa + ranking + booster,” a list of thousands of Alexa-clickers and software will welcome you to use. Consulting services to increase the it index and Google search rankings for the Website are also blooming because the more popular your business will reach more potential customers through an affiliate system. The unrivaled link is the Internet.

High Alexa index and high search rankings in Google results are also two factors. High search results in Google will increase the number of people visiting your Website, thereby increasing the it index. The reverse high Alexa index will also help your Website be regularly introduced to Alexa Toolbar users and get links to more websites by more websites. Google’s automatic search software will found it more. They are leading to a higher position in the search results table.

How to improve Alexa rank?

You should conduct periodic website promotion campaigns to regularly attract website visitors, improving your Reach index. The web site should have pieces of information with high value, updated to attract regular customers to return to the web site, and increase Pageviews. You need to arrange content and website structure to receive a lot of clicks from visitors to increase Pageviews but still bring a sense of comfort and convenience.

The click and increase indexing services will mainly rely on consulting and setting up META tags and KEYWORDS keywords on the Website to attract the automatic search software (robots) to save keywords to the engine. Database. However, the race for rankings and search results does not stop there. There are supply and demand. Scripts (code snippets embedded in the HTML content of websites and activated when the user visits them) that specializes in creating virtual access begin to appear.


software to click the Alexa ranking, with a list of hundreds of available IP addresses, is also released. Just enter a certain Internet address, tens of thousands of queries will be sent continuously by software to IP addresses, and many of these are computers with Alexa Toolbar installed. The packets sent by the software are designed very sophisticatedly so that when it reaches the destination IP address, the packet continues to instruct the computer to access the Internet address of the Website to click on the Alexa index.

Due to the smart average calculation of Alexa, this software is practically ineffective. A few hundred IP addresses are not enough to instantly change Alexa rankings. Suppose you want to have a significant change. In that case, the number of IPs (which will be understood as web users) will have to be mobilized from tens to hundreds of thousands. The software will have to operate continuously for many months, even annual, to improve the average index value. However, there are still many services on the Internet that are committed to increasing the it index within 1-2 months, if not successful, then … no money.

Here are some ways to increase Alexa rankings

1. Install the Alexa toolbar or SearchStatus extension for your browser and set your Website as your homepage.

2. Place an Alexa rank widget on your Web site. I have used this method, and the number of clicks per day has increased significantly after one week. Each click counts as a visit even though those visitors are not using this toolbar.

3. Encourage others to use the Alexa toolbar. These people include your friends, fellow webmasters, as well as your visitors. You give the link to these people and try to guide you through its installation and its benefits.

4. Use the Alexa toolbar in offices. Install the it toolbar or SS Firefox extension and set your Website as the homepage for all browsers on every computer in the office. This will be useful when your Company uses dynamic IP addresses.

5. Send a Website to your friends. This method is unlikely to affect Alexa rankings much, but it will also help in some cases.

6. Write articles about Alexa. Webmaster and bloggers are very excited to read headlines related to ways to increase Alexa rankings. They will link to you and send you targeted traffic (eg, visitors who have the it toolbar installed). This will gradually affect your Alexa ranking.

7. Advertise your Website on webmaster forums. Webmasters always have the Alexa toolbar installed. You will attract “visit” webmasters and receive helpful feedback. You should also give feedback back to the community if you have good headlines to share with others.

8. Write content that is related to webmasters. Put this content in the categories of domain names and SEO, as these are two areas where most webmasters who install the Alexa toolbar are interested. It is important that you “push” this content to social networking websites and Webmaster forums.

9. Use Alexa redirects to your Website path. Try the following link:
Replace with the link of your Website. Please put this redirected link on blog comments or forum signatures. This path will be billed per IP once a day, so clicking multiple times won’t help. Of course, there is no evidence to explain whether these redirects benefit your Website or not, so use it with caution.

10. Post on Asia’s forum or social networking website. Some webmasters believe that Asian Web users, especially East Asia, love to use the it toolbar. This is evidenced by the presence of many Asian websites in the Top 500 Alexa. Webmasters recommend that you try to use this method only if you have the time and ability to do so.

11. Create a “Webmasters Tools” section on your Website. Create a webmaster tools section on your Website. This is usually the part that attracts the most attention of webmasters. The Aaron Wall Web site on SEOTool is a great example to check out.

12. Get Dugg or Stumbled. Using this method will bring you back many visitors, and this number will positively affect your Alexa ranking.

13. Use a PPC-pay per click campaign. Advertising on search engines like Google or Exact Seek is also a way to help you get a large traffic. It will be even more helpful if your ad is closely related to webmasters.

14. Create an Alexa Directory on your blog or Website. This category should contain Alexa’s headlines or news. This is a useful source of information for webmasters or accidental visitors and helps you improve your search engine rankings.

15. Optimize your popular articles. You place widgets or graphs (graphs) under posts, link to articles about your it, or use the it redirection on your internal links. Here’s how you get more traffic from search engines.

16. Place banners and links on websites or webmaster forums to attract traffic. The more prominent the ad, the more traffic it gets from webmasters to your Website, thereby significantly increasing your rankings.

17. Hire forum posters to “distribute” your Website. These posters are responsible for posting your detailed articles or resources on reputable forums, placing signature linking to your Website. You can find these posters easily at Digital Point forums and other Webmaster forums.

18. Pay online users to install the it toolbar and make your site the homepage on their computer. However, doing this is also not easiest, especially when you hire individuals. You should hire organizations such as schools, office offices.

19. Use MySpace. This is a bit of a “shady” trick, so if you take the risk, then do it. Use attractive banners and images and link them to redirected it links. This can be an extremely effective method if your content is relevant to the MySpace community.

20. Try Alexa auto-surfs. This method is suitable for new websites with a high Alexa rank. Note that it is not great to use auto surfs along with content ads like Adsense. This is not a permanent solution to increase Alexa Rank for your Website, so you should use it with caution.

The meaning of Alexa with Vietnamese Website

Most webmasters (the webmaster) said that if to evaluate English websites, it can be a quite accurate reflection indicator. However, if with other languages ​​such as Vietnamese, then it is only a parameter value that partially reflects, not exactly.

More than 10 million computers worldwide have the Alexa Toolbar installed as the primary source of web rating information. However, the number of computers with this toolbar installed in Vietnam is not worth it, simply because does not have an online sales channel to Vietnam. Moreover, computers from other countries accessing Vietnamese websites are also in the minority, because mainly Vietnamese people can read and understand Vietnamese.

How to view Alexa rank:

You can use the Alexa Toolbar – the toolbar supports users to browse the web: -> download Alexa Toolbar. https: //www.alexa/com/site/download/

You can go directly to the Alexa Homepage for more details, and see your Website’s ranking by the link:

https: //www.alexa. com / site info

After installing the Alexa Toolbar, the antispyware software can identify the it Toolbar as spyware. The way it works is to use cookies to track all website visits of users. Use. However, Alexa Toolbar can be consider benign spyware because it considers users anonymous members participating in ranking websites.
However, to implement a long-term Alexa boost strategy, you need to focus on developing content to attract traffic instead of just using some tricks. Sites with good content will attract more organic traffic. The important takeaway from this title is that in addition to having great content, you should also apply the above methods to get high rankings quickly and effectively.