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Animoto, an online video maker, collects photos into videos

Animoto guide you on how to make videos online. Use the completely free online application to merge your photos into complete videos. With lots of beautiful photo effects with many cute effects, music and text can be inserted as you like.

You can use this guide to stitch photos into online videos or “merge video clips” for your loved one, best friend, half-brother, a family member on a particular day and bring a message and a meaningful one.

How to merge photos into online videos

This article was edited by myself because, in the past, it was my introduction to the home site. Still, many of you asked that page to merge the Video for too long, so I switched to using this foreign software to combine with High speed and more beautiful effects.

Step 1: Visit the website Animoto to create online videos with many pictures:

Suppose this application does not make you satisfied. In that case, you can visit the link: Website for making online videos – to refer to 5 other unique and free online video making applications and use offline.

Step 2: Website interface, as shown below, describes, to start the video creation, you select “Get started” and log in with Facebook or create another account of your choice.

Like myself, I log in with Facebook quickly, click login, “Sign up using Facebook” for convenience without having to type the long pass again.

Step 3: Click on “Create” to open the video creation screen.

Step 4: Select a theme for your photo video clip, have almost all the pieces you may need and use for each target, for example, creating baby albums, clipboard, party, wedding, travel, holiday …

If you do not know much about English, you can right-click on the website and choose Vietnamese translation to make it easier to use and select the right topics according to your goals.

Step 5: After selecting the theme, then click on “Create Video”. Here, for example, choose the theme of my wedding day on the wedding tab and select the theme of Up roses.

After pressing Create, you will be transferred to the software and moved to the place to add photos, music, text, effects … with the interface as shown below:


  • Change style: Select a topic again in step 5 if you do not like the topic selected in the previous period.
  • First Add a logo: Add an avatar for your recording.
  • Second Add pics: Add the pictures you want to merge into the Video.
  • Three Add text: Add text to the image.
  • Four Add another song: This is the step of merging music into online videos, helping you import songs into the Video.

I did not explain each part to understand all; I mainly guide you into the Add pics section. The whole family chooses to Add pics to add the images you want to combine into recordings.

This is also the online music transplant method that many of you are interested in and ask Bigstar Media. You can use this method to be able to join online music for free without any software.

Select the place where you are storing the images to upload to the application (software); if it is on your computer, select the first line “Upload picture and video” and suppose to store elsewhere like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, then choose appropriately. After selecting images, wait a few seconds to upload the photos to the application (software).

Uploaded photos, you can add music, add text, edit effects … as I have noted above, and annotate application features. After photo video editing ends, let the application start and start merging. Click on “Preview Video” in the image, as you have red circled in the image below.

Wait a few seconds or a few minutes if there are multiple images to finish creating the photo video and click “PRODUCE” to add some information to the album.

  • Title: the title of the Video
  • Date: Date of May
  • Producer: The creator of the Video
  • Description: Description of the recording
  • On the right is the video format you can transport with 480p, 720p, 1080p quality, the better the video quality.
  • And click “Finish” to create the Video; time depends a lot on the images and effects you choose; the more embodiments, the longer the video creation time.
  • After the recording ends, press Download to transport the Video to your device or share it on the social network.

Select the quality of the Video and pictures you want to download, click the MP4 button, and you can download it.

Ok, that’s good, everyone, so you are done joining photos into online videos thoroughly and entirely for free.

Besides, if you do not have a computer, you can immediately refer to the article: video making software on the iPhone to make videos on your phone in the simplest way.

This is a pretty cool app that everyone can use to do a lot of other things.

Some examples that our side has used this application to produce a unique promotional video can refer to at Sample advertisement video to see the video samples that our side has completed.

Note when making online videos.

If You think making an online video is very easy, you are wrong. With each of these advantages, there are also many disadvantages, such as

  • not following the layout you want,
  • not following the style you like,
  • so making a unique video requires a lot of research and selection.

Unique styles to create the perfect Video. So pre-shape yourself a kind that you like before embarking on the online photo collage.

Also, if you are busy with work or cannot find the right style, but need a video in a short time, you can use an on-demand video making service to help you do that. I am sure that you will enjoy using 3D photo-making services on the market.

With the current service prices, we are providing for you to own one 3D photo video, only 200,000; it’s too cheap and worth using, isn’t it.

If you are an avid video maker and this online video making plan is not convincing enough for you, you can refer to other tutorials at Video making guide. It will help you to learn more ways to make that Video.

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