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What is BuzzSumo? Direction to access and use Buzzsumo A-Z in the most detailed (Content support tool for website)

BuzzSumo is one of the most searched keywords on google. In this article, I write the essay What is BuzzSumo? Direction to access and use Buzzsumo A-Z in the most detailed (Content support tool for website)

BuzzSumo is one of the most searched keywords on google. In this article, I write the essay What is BuzzSumo? Direction to access and use Buzzsumo A-Z in the most detailed (Content support tool for website) article content has been compiled from many sources on Google (,… ..)

What is buzz sumo?

Buzzsumo is a website that provides the ability to find the most shared content/content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … according to fixed timelines, according to which you can update. Get the latest trends going on around the world. Before considering whether to pay to use the service or not, for every Buzzsumo registered account, you have a 14-day free experience. Maybe that time is more than enough for you to make a final decision.

Buzzsumo has three main parts: Content Research, Influencers, and Monitoring support very well for users. Now, let’s explore this exciting website together!

BuzzSumo Highlights

      Powerful content search engine

  • BuzzSumo allows displaying information, documents, articles, news…. are being most interested in periods: within 24 hours, one nearest week, nearest month, six months, and in 1 year.
  • Good ability to capture content and user intent. BuzzSumo supports an improved search engine that helps exploit all relevant content based on keywords: Name of person, place, author, domain name, or any one word. The more partitioned the keyword is, the more accurate the search results.
  • BuzzSumo shows the shares of search information across all popular social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest.
  • Optimal filters, including Articles, Infographic (Infographic Design), Guest Points, Giveaways, Interviews, Videos …
  • Shows the most popular Backlinks, including all shared domains or pages.
  • Allows direct sharing of displayed Content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn….

Amplifying the influence

  • BuzzSumo allows finding authors, journalists, politicians … or any individual in the world who has a significant influence on the community. At the same time, users can follow them directly on this website without going now to the personal website.
  • Displays the content, videos, domains, web pages … that influencers have shared.
  • Support exporting search results to CSV or Excel files for personal purposes.

Support for content alerts

  • BuzzSumo will provide notifications regarding keywords to users when there are new updates or announcements about books/documents / new authors that users are interested in.
  • Users can customize their alerts. For example, if you are interested in Ho Ngoc Ha’s Scandal, you can set your notification number to 5. At that time, BuzzSumo will only notify you of 5 news or articles related to the singer. This is the most interested or shared. This intelligent feature allows users to limit the number of junk notifications or information that is not of interest.
  • Support for content analysis reports on a topic or domain, including many contents such as release date, information volume, number of shares on social networks … … BuzzSumo also provides notifications and graphs comparing the developed/built content between brands, facilitating conceptualization by strategists.
  • BuzzSumo also supports many search parameters that allow more accurate searches, such as adding words or removing words with minus signs, OR, or quotes. Alternatively, if you are thinking about selecting the same topic to write about for the whole week, you can also save your later use searches.
  • The professionalism of BuzzSumo not only allows the display of the sites that share the most information, but also the ability to ignore the areas that have shared information, helping users not be bothered. By junk data.

To use BuzzSumo, users need to create an account or sign up for a membership with their email account. However, users can only search five times for free, and if you want to get the most out of this useful tool, you must pay fees.

If you’re not a professional marketer or don’t need too many innovative features, using email is the way to go. One thing to note is to make sure you have multiple email accounts to use them for free multiple times.

Direction to access and use Buzzsumo A-Z in the most detailed (Content support tool for website)

1. Get familiar with the Buzzsummo interface.

This is an entirely web-based online tool. First, you need to log in to, where you register for a Free Trial account (Free Trial), and you will be given a trial. This Trial is for 14 days, after which it must be subscribed to continue using it.

Step 1: Go to the website and click Signup to register if you do not have an account.

Step 2: You choose the package you want to try; here, I prefer the Agency that is the best.

Step 3: Fill in the registration information.

After registering and confirming your phone number, you will be prompted to enter the information you do not need. The message Welcome to BuzzSumo will appear, you have up to 25 searches during the trial period, then you will end your Trial.

After successful registration, you can access and see the Buzzsumo interface as follows:

I marked on the picture the main features tabs that Buzzsumo will provide.

Specifically, the sections are as follows:

Content Research: With the Content Research Tab, Buzzsumo offers many more small features so you can do almost anything with content research precisely in your field.
Influencers: The Influencers tab allows you to find and filter out influencers in your niche, which can be Bloggers, Experts, Journalists, Influencers, … that you can follow, or who do SEO. In a pure Whitehat direction, special attention should be paid to this section to find Outreach objects that build backlinks.
Monitoring: If you have ever known through the Google Alerts tool, this feature is similar, but there are even better ones; you will love it; I will introduce it later to apply for you.
Overview of this tool you have grasped, I started to go into how to use each feature.

2. Capture content trends; refresh content with “Trending Now.”

To attract traffic to the website, for every topic your website does, you must have HOT topics, called Trending (trends) on that topic.

Suppose you make a website about basketball, now that your desired traffic will be fans of the sport, so you will have to have content that you know they are interested in.

With these Trending Content for Niche such as “Kobe Bryant (the top athlete of this sport in the US) announced his retirement,” the news was covered in American newspapers a few hours ago, a few hours after the Blog of You will publish your opinion, discussion on this issue, you will get a lot of traffic if you know some more ways to push traffic from social networks.

This is just a small example that I give so you can understand how to apply the Content Hot Trending format, now is the time to explore this feature of Buzzsumo.

At the home page interface, the default will be the tab “Content Research,” in which the bill “Trending Now” is a sub-tab of this Content Research section. You click on it.

Here will be the interface of all the latest content, trends in all areas; you look to the left column in the screen interface to see the contents classified by specific folders (Category)

If you do not select Trending Content in a specific folder, leave Everything and choose Most Shared as shown, Buzzsumo will return results of many hot topics in each folder:

At this point, if your website is in any field, what topic, you should use the folder filter on the left side of the screen to filter only hot topics in that field, assuming you are very interested and I am doing many things with the marketing topic, I filtered with the marketing topic.
As you can see, these are the hottest topics in marketing in the last 24 hours; you can customize the time, Buzzsumo has timelines like the picture, so you always find new content.

3. Measuring Content Marketing results with Monitoring

Similar to how Google Alerts works, Buzzsumo also has this Alert feature for you. You can use it for two purposes: to gather new information and track your content, your brand is mentioned.

Select the tab “Monitoring.”
Next, choose to Create your first Content Alert to create a new Alert for your purposes. At this point, Buzzsumo will ask you to make an Alert file based on what criteria, with the following options:

+Brand Mention / Keyword Mention: There will be a notification to you when someone mentions a Brand or Keyword in your content.

+ Backlinks: Notify you when links are pointing to your content.

+ Content From A Website / An Author: Buzzsumo will notify when a website or an author you are following they publish a new article.

+Competitor Mention: you want to keep track of your competitors’ popularity, this Alert file helps you keep track of who and which sources mention your competitors.

4. Publish content more efficiently with Content Analysis Report.

You are trying to produce content with a specific keyword. You want to know how the existing content is shared, what kind of content is shared a lot. Buzzsumo gives you almost all the answers on this matter. Try the Content Analysis tab right now to see its immeasurable usefulness.

Your access here and enter a keyword that is the topic you are trying to do content.
Then click Search and enjoy a super detailed Report that Buzzsumo returns.

Specifically, the following results are in order:

The first is Total Shares / Average Shares.

+ Next is the Share by Networks statistics results to see which Networks Share a lot about this topic, and especially Share by Content-Type, you will know what types of Content (Article, What Post, Video Content …) bring highly interactive with this topic again
+ Next is the interaction statistics with the criterion is the length Content (Content-Length); as you can see, the content with a length of 3k or more attracts too high likes and shares.

+ Another last part you may be interested in is that Buzzsumo filters you out a list of Top Pieces of Content (the most shared articles) or keywords you find, here you can go to each Page to refer to these Top Content.