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What is Cbengine ?

How to make Clickbank effective

CBEngine is a tool to support finding hot products, selling well, providing commission rates … on Clickbank. If you intend to make money on Clickbank, do not miss this opportunity.

Next series to introduce and register for click bank-1 the classic form of monetization with a niche site and microsite. Today I will guide you on how to do it properly and effectively to get good results.

A. Choose the Clickbank product:

To search for products on Clickbank, and the category option in the left column. You can also search for products by name.

  • Initial $ / sale: The amount you get when a product is sold successfully
  • Avg% / sale: Percentage of the value of the product that you get. As above, the commission is 69%
  • Avg Rebill Total: The average index of money returned divided by the number of affiliate returns.
  • Avg $ / sale: For one-time payment products, this number will be equivalent to Initial $ / sale. For returned items, this will be the average number of Initial $ / sale + Rebill / Initial sale numbers. Of course, these are approximate numbers only.
  • Avg% / rebill: The product will have this index if the seller allows returning the item, and it is the ratio between the commission and the returned amount.
  • Gravity: The number of affiliates that have sold a product within 12 weeks. Each affiliate can sell a product; whether it is one or more, it is only counted as 1 point. The higher the gravity number indicates the product is selling well, but a high Gravity also means a higher number of competitors.
B. Product selection criteria:

1.Depending on the commission rate to choose the product so that each sale you receive about $ 20

2.Product with high Gravity (best selling)

3.Products with low Avg Rebill Total (low return rate)

C. Choose the niche:

Unlike Amazon niche Amazon site

When doing Clickbank, you should not base on a particular product to choose a place because it can be successful in a short time but not in the long term. Amazon favours physical products, and Clickbank is more about digital products. Popular products on Clickbank are software, eBooks, courses, documents, … so depending on each product, you can create a micro-niche site associated with keywords under the new product name. Still, you must have Only by experience; we know which products have a long-term future. Particularly here, I recommend only choosing a niche with the right keywords and then choosing a niche product, but not selecting a place by work.

It will be challenging to analyze for you to understand 100% of choosing a niche by-product and why it should not be, but you can imagine that if the product is an eBook, a course, never choose to follow it because of doing so. Will be like doing a product launch. For the long term, you should select the niche/solution that many people are searching for, many people need, and are facing. So you will easily find products not only on Clickbank but also on Amazon.

Suppose you choose to select niche by-product, for example. In that case, you like to promote software or specific product where the main keyword is the software name, and I recommend following the cbengine.com page, which is a website that provides quite a lot of information. Product news from new to old and beneficial statistics.

If you build a site under your niche to earn passive money in the long run, you should find a place with high search volume, moderate or low competition, similar to when analyzing the keyword Amazon site niche. With only one difference, you do not use keywords such as best led grow light, best gaming chair, … but prefer solutions for searchers. Remember, Clickbank is in favour of the digital product.

Casestudy below will help you briefly understand how to choose Clickbank niche.

There were a lot of people wanting to make money online, and they started searching the internet for ways to do it. This is a pretty hot niche, and keywords like how to make money +… or they need SEO, they will find software. They need forex documents, … so what you need to do is to build a niche site related to keywords in those fields, of course, you must search high and easy to SEO, what is easy, you see this post. . The next step is to write related articles, review software, courses, … and only SEO.
There are many people with certain diseases, or harmful diseases such as snoring, bad breath, obesity, diabetes, … and they are used to looking for solutions online. This is the niche that I like the most; below I will give you some examples:

In the picture above

I take the bar that the keyword home remedies for hair growth have a US search volume of 3600 and a difficulty of 24 (I found it by finding the keyword home remedies because there are so many people who want to find solutions to fix the disease. Something at home, find keywords like this not based on Amazon products but on your analytics, which no one can teach you but you need to do a lot and brainstorm, put yourself in people’s shoes). So this keyword is suitable for promoting documents on ClickBank and also on Amazon kindle. Not only that, but you can also promote related products such as coconut oil, medicinal herbs, … on Amazon. Adsense click price is also relatively high, so with such a niche, you can generate automatic income from multiple sources

The above is an example of a niche and a keyword. Still, the fact that when deciding to choose, the prerequisite factor when trying to find a keyword in the Clickbank must have a few products, if there are not a few products priced over $ 20 If you sell well, that niche is not very hot. There are things this way you can also do calling Amazon site then you will promote books, related products such as medicine, medicine, … in addition to combine AdSense.

Once you’ve selected your niche, the next step is to choose a domain name and build a site. If you have a profitable niche, you can choose the right domain name no matter what, so you don’t have to worry about niche oke, but a proper domain name will end!

D. Choose a domain name:

Each niche has its domain name, so it is difficult for me to find a general formula for all domains. I will help if you discuss your place with me because when talking about a specific location, it will be easier to choose a domain name. The domain name you select should satisfy the following criteria:

.COM domain name

Brandable, easy to remember, the shorter, the better, 2-3 words only. Do not select the domain name that matches the keyword.

Although your keyword is longtail and only target only one keyword and the scale of the micro-niche site, consider choosing a domain name that can be quickly developed later because if you do well, the site is successful and earns money. Then it is easy to go from one keyword to another, and you can ultimately convert your site to authority on a much broader scale.

E. Choose to host

Hosting is an essential part of making sure your site performs well and SEO for the site as well. Here are some reasons why you need to choose a stable hosting:

  • Hosting uptime is OK, regular, fast loading to ensure visitors’ experience
  • Easy to use and secure to ensure that it is not difficult to use for newbies, especially for those who are not familiar with security.
  • Hosting fast loading is the first factor to have before thinking about speeding up WordPress. The fast-loading site is also great for SEOAffordable, not too expensive

For the above reasons, I recommend the following two hostings:

  • Godaddy WordPress hosting – $ 12: This hosting package is dedicated to WordPress, well loaded, regular, daily backups and cheap – $ 12 comes with one free domain name.
  • Haw host: If you don’t want to use Godaddy’s WordPress hosting, I recommend Hawhost. Previously I used Stablehost, but until now I have used and found Hawhost has many advantages over Stablehost despite the same price. Not to mention that recently, many basic packages of Stablehost have been hacked and reported by Google for malicious code, some of you have used them and let me know.
F. Site development:

By doing this, you have officially started working on a micro niche site. The development steps are not too different from the niche site, and you can ultimately see the guide to article rental here and perform the remaining steps similar to in this article.

The above is a more correct guide than an article on how to do marketing with Clickbank, which is only oriented, but has not gone into each aspect and has not followed the SEO process. Also because I currently only do amazon niche site, so there are no specific updates that have changed about the micro niche site with Clickbank, hope that you will learn more about Clickbank on the internet and maybe succeed with it instead of believing in other millionaire rumours.

G. Generate traffic for sites outside of SEO:

I will suggest a few ways you can drive traffic to your site without needing SEO, here are the ways that I have been doing and getting effective:

  • Using video: Find -> Download -> Edit -> Optimize SEO and upload -> Put backlink to the site
  • Join Facebook group about the niche you are doing: Hi, comment first, share link for the following article.
  • Find Q&A sites to answer and set linkback back to the site. These are the most common that a lot of click banners are doing. Popular FAQs sites like Yahoo answer, Quora, Answers.com,

CONCLUSION: Above is my whole share on how to do as well as develop the site with click bank, if there is something shortcoming, please comment below.
Goodbye, and see you again.