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Copyscape Premium SEO looks for article copies.

Copyscape Premium SEO looks for article copies. If you are an SEO, it is impossible not to know a website that can find copied articles from many other people’s sources. Here, I show you the essential functions of this Copyscape tool.

If you want to be more professional, want to be more pro when you do not wish to be poorly played by someone, copy all of your investment into a particular article. Then it is best to buy this tool premium version offline. Combined with the DMCA Premium site, too, you don’t fear who can copy your content.

I. What is Copyscape?

There will be many questions about this issue; Tam Ga would like to explain to you as follows. Copyscape is the number one website for providing valuable online anti-plagiarism (or friendlier) solutions. Tam Ga finds Copyscape very good, everyone.

Many website owners in the world use Copyscape. The number of users is up to several million. It will be easy for writers to check whether their article content is duplicated or not? Or are there copies of them online? Copyscape is very professional.

II. Copyscape Services (Copyscape Services)

Copyscape will provide a plagiarism checker, in two forms, free and for a fee. The examination of the copies (plagiarism) will be carried out professionally. To help the author of the article, prevent fraud, or emphasize more than steal the original article’s content.

For Copyscape Premium, which is a premium version, the functionality is more professional. Provides you with more powerful plagiarism findings compared to the free services available online. And it comes with a host of other features, including a paragraph or sentence check, API.

Copysentry is even more powerful. It will give you complete protection of your posts by checking automatically every day, on weekly websites online. And Copyscape will send you an email letting you know when someone has copied your article illegally.

Copyscape also provides you with a way to check other people’s websites when they copy their articles. You can compare two websites or two pieces with the same content. And Copyscape will provide directions to help you prevent and cope.

III. Copyscape Free Login User Guide

Tam Ga will only show you how to use the free version. If you have money, giants, buy the premium version. Copyscape Premium fee is a bit high, but it guarantees a very comfortable usage later on.

First, you go to its website, with this link Copyscape Test URL, you will copy a link of your article, on your website or someone else’s. Paste it in the frame below and press the GO button.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker – Duplicate Content Detection Software

Copyscape scan takes place in less than 30 seconds, depending on whether your content is long or short. If it’s a long novel page, it could scan in over a minute. But if it’s fast, it’s quick; it’s done going back and forth.

And the result is like the picture below, will inform you that the article Careerbuilder Vietnam recruits the cashier of Tam Ga wrote that no one had copied it. This means that this article is entirely official, written by Tam Ga. Have you seen this Copyscape tool or not !!!

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker – Duplicate Content Detection Software

IV. Instructions for checking content between 2 URLs with Copyscape

When using Copyscape in the step above. If your content has been copied by someone else, the above will indicate that someone has copied it. Then, Copyscape will send you a warning email (if you use it Premium) and simultaneously transmit to the person who has copied the copyright content.

But if for some reason, Copyscape cannot send it to the person who copied your content for removal. Then you can copy the link on that website, then compare it with the content on the article on your website with it Two Web Pages to determine the copyright of the article, then sue.

Remember this step; you need to retake a photo of the article. To make the evidence go to court to make it more specific. For a website with high popularity, and Pagerank rows 7, 8, 9, 10, once you are sued for content. That means your website can be deleted as well.

In the picture below, Tam Ga tested two Items with two different links, belonging to two other websites. But with the same article content. It can be understood that Item 1 is the original post, and Item 2 is the post that has been copying the article on your website.
Item 1: Key IDM Crack IDM – User Manual IDM Permanent Key All Versions
Item 2: key-idm-direction-user-use-key-idm-new-key-code

After Tam Ga clicks the Compare Items button, Copyscape will notify you that the contents are duplicated. If you use the Copyscape Premium, you will immediately report an illegal counterfeiter. And prepare to sue is just now.

V. Code Copyscape prevents content copying.

Tam Ga will teach you how to make Copyscape better for you. That is, I will copy the it anti-copy warning banner on your website. It depends on where you attach it; Tam Ga likes to add it to each of your posts only. Hi Hi

Its content will be displayed on your website as PROTECTED BY IT DO NOT COPY, which means COPYSCAPE DO NOT COPY PROTECTED. That sounds good; Tam Ga understands like this is the content protected by it, please don’t copy it illegally.

You will go to this address Plagiarism Warning Banners to choose the best banner for your website. Tam Ga will pick one and then click on the banner that I like the most. Copyscape will give you a code like this.

In short, is my post checking, in general, being copied? As for any website, many people visit. And it is possible that the person who wrote those articles was professional. Novelists, writers, … who do not want anyone to copy themselves should do like this.

Or Professional Bloggers want to guide you, tips, techniques, …

But they do not like to share with many others to steal their posts. But Tam Ga always wants to share this and that, don’t worry.

If you read the news, a particular article, or a website that finds it attractive, you can ask the owner of that article to take it back? If you bring back their website, make sure that the author name below points to the original writer’s website; you will be less likely to be sued with Copyscape Premium.

It is customary in Vietnam to have the whole label; the content is stolen on their website. It’s tough to manage and control, guys. In general, this tool is used to avoid duplicate content only. For SEOs, avoid being owned by Google; you are spamming the same content article.

But this Copyscape tool is a lot; everyone should study it more. But in this one article, it is impossible to say it all for you.