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Some people say that the Heatmap tools are like the secret spies of the internet marketing world. If so, Crazy Egg is like James Bond in the internet marketing world. What do you use your site’s heat-mapping tools for? Maybe you want to understand where users read a lot, where users click a lot on your blog or the best place to put important information to attract your potential customers.

Crazy Egg can help you do all that and help optimize your website. Let’s find out!

The importance of heat range maps on Crazy Egg.

The fundamentals of modern digital marketing are based on knowing how to attract visitors to your website. But it’s essential to understand how to get them to stay and what to do to get them back. To keep traffic coming to your website, you need to learn more about what your visitors like about your website, as well as what caused them to leave and adjust accordingly.

Before we show you the practical tool, let’s check out the importance of the heat map. What is Heatmap? Heatmap is the graphic that describes user behaviour throughout your website. Heatmap tells you where users click the most or how far a page they scroll. Most importantly, it can show you which areas of your website you get the most engagement from so you can boost conversions.

Benefits of the Heatmap tool

Heatmap tools can be used to understand better user behaviour and how they interact with your website. When you know what they need and what they don’t need, you can easily make changes to meet the needs of your users, thereby making it easy to optimize your website based on the user base. . Here are the benefits of using Crazy Egg:

Better UX leads to greater visitor satisfaction.
Search rankings are higher because SEO is improved.

What makes Crazy Egg the # 1 Heatmap Tool?

Having explained the importance of heat mapping tools, another important thing is to choose the right one for your needs. Heat-range mapping tools are an essential part of every marketing campaign, right alongside other analytics and testing tools like SEO tools. Why Crazy Egg? This will become clearer after we explore some of its features in more detail.

Crazy Egg feature

A / B Testing

Making changes to your website without knowing if those changes will yield any real results is like buying an old product without testing it first. You never know if it works and by the time you realize it, it’s too late. To minimize risk and speculation, one must always check A / B. It would help if you did A / B testing for any product or service.

With the Crazy Egg A / B testing feature, you can observe the exact impact those changes have on your business. The creators of Crazy Egg made testing very fast, simple, and powerful, so as not to disturb users. So it can all be up and running in minutes.

The importance of A / B Testing was demonstrated in a case study conducted on the Crazy Egg homepage. Pages with in-depth content mean that relatively long posts outperform pages with less content. When we talk about the impact of content length, we’ll show you how to decide the ideal content length and structure using Crazy Egg later in this article.


The Crazy Egg snapshots feature shows how people use your website. Each Crazy Egg snapshot includes four reports showing the behaviour of your website visitors:

Heat diagram. Shows the locations where users clicked on your site.

Confetti. Show all other clicks, segmented by different criteria (referral sources, search terms, etc.) to show how users interact on the web.
Scroll diagram. Displays information about the user’s scroll. It helps you find out where on the web page scroll speeds are slow or where users are scrolling fast, thereby helping you make changes to fix the problem.

Overlay. Displays the correct click count and percentage for all the individual elements of your website. Just click the + signs to see those elements.

By researching all of these maps, you can find out where your most important CTAs are to put in those areas the essential information on your website.


The Crazy Egg Recordings feature allows you to see actual users interacting with your website. The recording feature lets you learn where your visitors are stuck and what you can do to improve the user experience. You can record all user sessions and easily find the record you need using a record filter.

This feature is handy for getting feedback after launching a new website, as it can be used to detect UX errors and issues. For example, a lot of your users might have a problem with a damaged order form in Internet Explorer. With the recording feature, you can observe a malfunction as it occurs, identify the problem at an early stage and act promptly to fix it.

Use Crazy Egg to Improve Your Website’s SEO

Believe it or not, heat maps are more closely related to SEO than you might think. The basic concepts behind both are the same – the better you understand your audience, the more you will be able to deliver content that perfectly suits their needs. So, how can you use heat mapping tools like Crazy Egg to improve SEO?

Decide on the ideal content structure and length.

There have been many theories about what is the ideal length of a web piece of content. Some studies have shown that lengthier content ranks better in Google because according to research, the top Google sites all contain 1,890 words or more. However, we think it is not accurate for every content topic. Sometimes longer content is the right solution, but there are also concise and concise topics that will help you get better results. It depends on your business and more importantly, on your audience. And the only way to find out about your users is by using Crazy Egg.

With Crazy Egg, you can find out what your visitors like and what they don’t like about your page. Heatmaps show you the exact places where most visitors are there. In other words, it shows that if you need to shorten your content, structure it a bit better, or make some sections more appealing to users.

The best way to find out what suits your visitors is by tracking their behaviour and watching how they react on the website.

Improve internal linking structure

The power of internal links is often overlooked, and the truth is it is considered the most crucial factor when it comes to SEO. However, using them properly with internal links can do wonders for your SEO campaign.

The whole purpose of adding a link to your content is to provide visitors with more valuable content, make them stay on your site longer, and allow them to find everything they need right there. There. By clicking on the links to navigate them away from the content, they’re reading so you have to make sure to give them something relevant or else they can leave your site. Crazy’s Egg Confetti feature shows the exact links they clicked and the links they didn’t click. This way, you’ll know how to make sure all of your links are valuable to your users.

Use Scrollmap to optimize image position and CTA.

Images are an essential part of your website. Several studies have shown that content with images receives 94% more views. Therefore, image placement is a crucial factor. Some practical studies have shown that you should add pictures to articles “in the position of asking for explanation”.

For example, you see users scrolling the page quickly when viewing a long, multi-text post, so you should consider adding some images to break the monotony. But if you add too many photos, it is also possible that users will scroll the page quickly to ignore that image, and that’s why it’s so essential to track scrolling to understand your audience.

The same goes for CTAs. A study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group found that 80% of a user’s attention is delivered on the first screen. But what if your visitors don’t fall into the 80% mentioned? Crazy Egg Heat Map helps you to obtain such information and adjust the CTA position according to how your visitors interact.

What does this have to do with SEO? Studies have shown that the time a visitor spends on your website can, to a certain extent impact its position in the organic search results. If your website grabs the attention of your readers for about 500 seconds or so, you are likely to be in the position.
í 1-6 of organic search results.

Crazy Egg alternatives

Crazy Egg is one of the most popular heat-mapping tools, but if you find it lacks something or you don’t see it right for you, then you can consider alternatives. The most prominent options are Hot Jar (Hotjar ™), Lucky Orange and Clicktale. But if you find Crazy Egg the best, then you can buy together in a group for a low price, and Tran Nam Phong is a reputable website that allows people to buy Crazy Egg and other SEO Tools together at a low price.