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Crello Account Review – Outstanding online graphic design tool

The easiest method is to use unique, eye-catching video images to PR your product to attract potential customers to your website. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire a graphic designer, then Crello is an economical and effective solution.

Table of contents:

What is a Crello account?
Crello Account Features
How to use Crello?
1. Sign up for a Crello account
2. Customize the size and choose format/template
3. Use Crello’s editor
4. Adjust the text
5. Insert and edit objects
6. Management of designs
Sign up for a Crello account

What is a Crello account?

Crello is a web application for creating a professional image and video graphic designs, print, social media, website decoration, online advertising, education,… If you’ve ever been Using Canva, how to use Crello is as simple as that and more so.

The eye-catching designs are created in just a few minutes and can be easily changed to your liking, based on a library of templates available, created by Crello’s design team.

  • Origin: The founders of created Crello as a modern graphic design tool using photo stockpiles from Depositphotos.
  • Crello’s target audience is marketers, social media professionals, entrepreneurs, bloggers, … to create visual content.
  • Crello offers many templates, formats, and more than 60 million images from Depositphotos. The simplicity of Crello shows in: you do not need any knowledge of graphic design; click, drag, and drop to have a format/template suitable for your content.
  • It can be used both on computers, phones (iOS, Android)

Crello Account Features

Crello highlights:
  • Collection of 60 million images, 11000 templates, 12000 free images, 33 formats of design, and a vast video archive.
  • Photo Editor tools (Filters, Crop, Layers and Transparency, and Blur) and Design Tools (Resize Design, Stickers, Shapes, and Icons).
  • Can create Social Media designs (graphics, stories, posts, covers, ads for Facebook and Instagram, thumbnails for YouTube Channel; posts, header, and ads for Twitter; Tumblr graphics and banners; Pinterest graphics, … ), Animated Designs (create and design animations), Advertising (Banner Display Ad, Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, Twitter Ad), Blog (Image and Graphics), Marketing (email title, presentation, ebook), Printing (flyer, poster, business card, certificate, gift), Events (poster, invitation letter, business card),.

Besides, Crello also allows users to create designs with custom sizes, upload files, and personal fonts for your creativity, download video animation in MP4 format. Crello also has a free version so users can easily store their designs.

How to use Crello?

Designing with Crello is easy and straightforward. If not familiar, users can watch the video tutorials that Crello itself provides right below the design window.

The design process on Crello I can summarize into three main steps as follows:

  • First, I will use the search/grading tool to find the design I need in Crello’s available design catalog.
  • The next step is to customize, change the design to suit the needs of users. These changes include adjusting fonts, colors, effects, transparency, layers, icons, images, etc.
  • The final step is to publish the design.
1. Sign up for a Crello account

You can sign up for a 100% free Crello account. All you have to do is enter the email address and password you want. You can also sign up with Facebook or Google account.

2. Customize the size and choose format/template

Once registered, you will be redirected to Create a Design page.

The first part of the page will display several sample design formats for the user to choose from. Below are a custom size frame and a collection of available templates that you can refer to for inspiration.

The formats are divided into many different sub-categories depending on the purpose of use, such as Animated posts, social media posts, blogs, cover photos, marketing materials, advertisements, …

Each sub-category will contain several sub-formats. For example, the marketing materials section includes posters, flyers, A4 prints, presentations, gift certificates, postcards, business cards, …

There is a Help section in the main menu, which provides instructions and assistance to users while using the service.

3. Use Crello’s editor

After choosing a template I like, I need to click directly on the selected template to be navigated to the design editor.

  • The editing interface is quite intuitive and straightforward. The header section contains naming, resizing, inserting objects, and animated video for the design.
  • The left toolbar includes search and design features for images, backgrounds, text, objects, and files. Each part contains several sub-items that are displayed in the second column, next to the toolbar.
  • The design you choose will be displayed in the center of the editing interface with operations such as undo, undo changes, zoom in and out of objects, etc.

Users can choose photos from the gallery for free, upload them from a personal computer, search, and use Crello’s premium images. Then edit with a photo editor with Crello filters, crop, and rotate features.

If you regularly use Crello, you can learn and apply the available shortcut combinations for quick, easy, and convenient operation (better than Canva, if anyone has used BlackBerry for a while, then understand the keys. how powerful it is to turn off).

When you want to understand Crello’s editor better, you can click on How-to-Guide at the bottom left of the screen to watch detailed instructional videos.

4. Adjust the text

Users can insert text, adjust color, font, and font size, adjust and align the size, font style, line spacing at will. Besides, you can also upload individual fonts from your computer.

Crello also offers a large variety of text images designed in a variety of styles. Text images are a great benefit when you need to create social media images and promote products.

Crello’s library also has lots of stickers, shapes, icons, illustrations, lines, borders, and frames…

5. Insert and edit objects

In addition to inserting and deleting objects in the design, the user can also adjust the item’s transparency and display when clicking on that object.

Because I have subscribed to the Crello Pro package, I have the right to choose and use standard video templates or HD animation video templates, making the designs more vivid and intuitive. This is a feature that I do not see in the Canva Pro account.

Crello also provides professional photo editing tools, including editing effects, cropping, and blurring photos, …

Besides the stock of free images available, users can also upload personal photos to assist with the design and use premium images from Crello’s library for $ 0.99 / photo.

6. Management of designs

The My Projects page lists all the designs that you have are using and have chosen but are not using. You can do many things with your entire system, such as sharing, duplicating, and deleting them.

Crello designs can be used for blog posts, Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter ads, or as YouTube banners, flyers or thumbnails, … Crello’s effectiveness can only be limited by imagination. only yours! 🙂

Users can review, categorize, edit, or delete the designs saved in My Designs.

Sign up for a Crello account

Crello offers two subscription packages for users to choose from:

  • The free account has access to 6000 templates, 4000 free images, a custom font, and the right to upload 100 photographs and access to stock photos for $ 0.99 / photo.
  • Crello Pro account costs $ 19.99 / month (full-year payments will be about 20% cheaper). Crello Pro provides users with HD quality designs, four formats, more than 5000 video templates, free access to 2000 premium video files, and 4000 animated objects with image repositories and font uploads. They have limited as well as the right to use 10 Depositphotos stock photos for free per month. Users can also upload videos, remove the watermark on video, and resize any animation.


Crello is the perfect solution for fast and straightforward content creation and design needs. The cost of signing up for a Crello Pro account is not too expensive; the free account plan’s limitations are still quite a lot. Besides, customer support service also needs to be improved and optimized to bring the best customer experience.

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