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What is Domcop tool? How to buy cheap Domcop account together?

Currently, the PBN system is famous in the SEO world because once. You have a robust PBN system will help you shorten the time to get to the top of the website. Therefore, to build the PBN satellite system, finding expired domain names. Also known as buying old domains that have not been renewed or used by the old website owner, is a crucial step.

Today, AEDigi wants to introduce to everyone the Domcop tool; this is a handy tool to help you “hunt” for old PBN domains at low prices. Let AEDigi learn more about this tool!

  • What is Domcop tool?
  • The main feature of the Domcop tool
  • Guide to buying cheap Domcop accounts

What is Domcop tool?

DomCop is a service used to find expired domains that can have great SEO value. DomCop looks at millions of domain names that expire each month and gives you essential metrics about them. Allowing you to find valuable domains that you can buy or register. With this service, you can narrow down millions of expired domains by all means. From looking at Domain Authority (DA) and Site Authority (PA) from Moz (most popular method), ranking Alexa rank, language, domain name extension, domain age and more.

The main feature of Domcop tool

Each day, more than 2000 domains will expire, and it will take a lot of time to check each backlink for each expired domain name manually.

Thanks to Domcop, you can save a lot of time because the tool will show you a list of expired domains with useful metrics for each part. And the next step is to search for domain names that meet your criteria. It’s simple, right!

There are three types of Domcop domain searches that anyone can use:
  • Standard search: This type of search is often used by beginners to search. The tool will show you a list of search options and help you find domains with authority and high trustworthiness of domain names, …
  • Simple search: allows you to discover the most used metrics. The sliders are used to find metrics like domain name, domain length, Moz rating, Moz and Majestic Links and more.

  • Advanced search: a feature that allows users to search all types of premium metrics including Domain Bid, Domain Price, Domain Age, Domain Length, Domain Source, all Moz metrics, all Majestic figures, all SEMRush statistics, etc

Data about the data of the domain name is arranged in a very scientific table by the tool. You can adjust the columns so that you can see all the metrics found, or see only the certain ones that interest you most. Or there is a more straightforward way that you can track any domain by adding them to your watchlist right on the tool.

You can also save your search preferences

So you don’t need to go back and change your search parameters frequently, and quickly receive notifications about domains that meet your criteria via email.

The thing to note here is that only domains that have two days left until their expiration date (or before their auction ends) will be listed. This feature is to avoid domain duplication, and the option is enable only for searches that you have save in Expired section.

To export your domain name, click Export Domains. It’s up to you to decide what kind of data you want to export. Then a message will be sent to your email with the link to download the file. Domcop has no limit on the number of files that you can export.

Guide to buying cheap Domcop accounts

Domcop is a useful, useless tool today that any SEOer needs it. However, Domcop does not offer a free trial or an open plan, but you need to pay a fee of between $ 56 and $ 184 + per month to use the tool. Therefore, AEDigi would like to introduce you to the bundled Ahrefs purchase, with only 200k / month you can fully use all the features of Domcop. You are also free to use other dedicated SEO tools like SEMRush, Vyond, Majestic and more.

What are you waiting for without contacting us by email or leave a comment below this post, we will immediately advise you!