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Envato Elements Group Buy


Envato Elements Group Buy

Envato Elements Great Discount – No.1 Resource Warehouse for Website Design & Development

Since 2017, Envato Elements – the owner of the Envato Market system (ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, GraphicRiver …) decided to create a library of Resources for Websites & Graphics designers and developers in the form of Commercial License – to allow users can use a theme product – plugins – templates … for unlimited Websites and any other project.

The introduction of Envato Elements has been much appreciated by the Designers & Developers community!

Envato Elements currently includes:

Nearly 2000 themes and plugins brought over from Themeforest & CodeCanyon.
Over 200 Premium Templates for Elementor Page Builder
More than 1000 CMS Templates like Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla … from Themeforest
Over 2000 Web Templates from Themeforest
More than 1 million Stock Photos, Graphics, Slideshow, Video, Audio… from Envato Market
And free access to Tutsplus includes thousands of courses, paid tutorials and Ebooks from 3 significant publishers Packt, Smashing and AbookApart.
Mostly you can directly import images (optimized for size) and Templates in WordPress without having to upload manually!

This preferential program will end soon within the next 24 hours -> 48 hours!


A. What are Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is an Envato service – providing Resources for Websites design and development, including products from Themeforest, Codecanyon, GraphicRivers, VideoHive … and courses from Tuts +.

Customers can pay monthly or annual fees to download these resources and use them for their projects.

Envato Elements subscription fee is currently $ 33 / month if paid monthly.

Or $ 16.5 / month for a yearly subscription (up to 50% off from monthly payment).
From 2018, you can also join the Membership VIP club to use Envato Elements Themes & Plugins along with hundreds of other famous Themes & Plugins!

What are Envato Elements?

Since the beginning of 2018, Envato Elements has been adding hundreds of WordPress Themes & Plugins. Thus, Envato Elements’ Resources library includes:

1000+ WordPress Themes from ThemeForest
Over 500 WordPress Plugins from CodeCanyon
Nearly 1,500 HTML Templates from ThemeForest
750 CMS Templates from ThemeForest, including Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Shopify, Tumblr, Muse, Opencart….
More than 1 million stock photos
Over 19,000 presentation & graphic templates (Fonts, PowerPoint, Icons, 3D)
Over 26,000+ design assets, fonts, 3D & add-ons (PSD, Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign)
More than 1,000 courses from Tut + Premium system and eBooks from RockablePress publishers (by Envato), Packt Publishing – one of the largest publishers in the IT field. Mostly, there are two famous publishers in the field of Web design: Smashing Magazine and Book Apart (5 Simple Steps Series).
Envato Elements can be said to be the most extensive Design & Code repository in the world today for both Designers and Developers and many other fields.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to learn about Websites design & development, Tut + Courses and eBooks are a gold store of knowledge to grasp professional skills quickly!

C. Comparing Envato Elements and Envato Market

It’s easy to see how many of the Envato Elements items are from Envato Market. So what’s the difference between downloading from it Elements and buying on the Envato Market system?

Envato Market system includes seven specialized Markets:

ThemeForest – the largest WordPress Theme market in the world, it also provides Templates of other CMS like Magento, Drupal, Joomla… and lots of HTML Templates!
CodeCanyon – the world’s largest Plugins WordPress marketplace, also has PHP, JS programs and iOS and Android applications.
GraphicRiver – resources marketplace for web design, graphics, and presentation.
AudioJungle – a resources marketplace for sound files – music & sound effects for movies, advertisements, games …
VideoHide – a resources marketplace for video files and animations …
Photodune – image market.
3DOcean – resources marketplace for 3D visualization and video effects.

ThemeForest and CodeCanyon are Single Licenses only.

The unique feature of the products on the two central Envato Market systems: ThemeForest and CodeCanyon is that they only have a single license – that is, you buy 1 product, only have the right to use for one project, if you need to do a task. Otherwise, you must purchase a single license.

See also: Things to know when buying a Theme from ThemeForest.
This is a disadvantage for customers who need to create many Websites in tight economic conditions (such as customers in Vietnam or other developing countries).

And Envato Elements offers Commercial license [Unlimited]

  • Allows you to download unlimited products available on current and future Envato Elements, updates, bug fixes …
  • Each product you can use for many projects (unlimited quantity)
  • Each time you want to use a particular product for a project, enter any project name to download. In the downloaded file, there will be a license file of that project. Of course, for most people, this is only superficial.

Thus: the same themes, plugins or templates, but if you download from it, you can use for unlimited Websites, and buy on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon is only used for 1 Website, if you want to use it for the next site, You have to buy one more single license.

For example, if you need the license key of Flatsome on ThemeForest for two shops, you must buy two single licenses – for 2 * $ 59 = $ 118. Meanwhile, if Flatsome is added to Envato Elements, you can download as many times as you want to create unlimited project websites.

Of course, not all Envato Market Themes and Plugins are included by Envato in the it Elements library; they add themes & plugins with the agreement of their author.

Selling a single license on Envato Market revenue will be much higher than bringing it to it Elements, so the number of Themes and Plugins available on it Elements is still minimal compared to ThemeForest & CodeCanyon.

About Update & Support themes & plugins from Envato Elements

With Themes & Plugins on ThemeForest & CodeCanyon, when you buy a single license, you will be provided with a license key to update directly from Dashboard (auto-update) when there is a new version, or you can create an API key to install & update all. The products you have purchased. The update is a free lifetime – for a lifetime (until the author no longer wants to update it).

As for Themes & Plugins on it Elements, every time an update is available, you must download it to update manually (manually update – i.e. upload from the computer to install) because you are not given the key to auto-update. Of course, these themes & plugins also do not force you to enter the activation key to use the full functionality as purchased on ThemeForest & CodeCanyon.

Updating themes & plugins from Envato Elements is only available when you maintain an account on Envato Elements if Cancel Membership is not allowed to download any more updates.

Support is also different. Buying with a single license on it Market, you will be supported with all problems by the author (even can log in to install a demo or fixed error). Using the word Envato Elements you won’t get such direct support.

D. Who should use Envato Elements?

The add-on from Envato Elements is enormous for a great price if you have the needs below it is difficult to refuse this service:

You want to learn to be a Web designer or developer.

Additional Envato Elements from Tut + Courses Thousands of high-quality courses, along with a library of books from renowned publishers Packt, Smashing Magazine, Book Apart.

And Design & Code Resources repository is Real-world Projects for you to practice!

You want to build many Websites projects at affordable costs.

Envato Elements provides Commercial Licenses – so you can create hundreds, thousands of professional & powerful websites out of high-quality themes & plugins & CMS templates & layouts and photos…. The fee is only $ 228 / year – just the cost of building a small shop using WooCommerce in Vietnam!

It would help if you had Quality Design Resouces for graphic design.

Over 26,000 graphic products including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch from the top Designers on GraphicRivers – for as many projects as you like – plus 440,000 high-quality photos – hardly any better design resources. Envato Elements!

It would help if you made presentations professionally

.Over 19,000 presentation & graphic templates (Fonts, PowerPoint, Icons, 3D). You need to open it up and edit to have awesome slideshows!

E. Best WordPress Themes Envato Elements

Currently, Envato Elements has nearly 300 WordPress themes, most of which are sold on ThemeForest in the form of Single License auto-update lifetime.

Since the selling margins on ThemeForest are higher if many developers have yet to include products on it Elements. There are still a few dozen very high-quality themes by the authors labelled Elite Power (Bestselling Authors) – with these themes. Then you can create almost any quality WordPress project.

To subscribe to it Elements, you can choose to pay $ 29 per month. However, the more economical solution is to pay annually at $ 228 / year. Saving up to 34% per year compared to monthly payments: