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What is FindNiche?

Whether you are already familiar with FindNiche or you are simply looking to learn more, there are many benefits to using this program:
It analyzes more than 11,000 niches to help you identify profitable products and predict how much different categories of products will sell on AliExpress in the future.
You can easily search and find the products you need using the software’s built-in tools.
It comes with a free trial that allows you to test the software for 30 days.
Whether you are a newbie dropshipper or an experienced entrepreneur, FindNiche can help you get started. It is an affordable dropshipping research tool that will help you discover products guaranteed to sell.
FindNiche has a large database of dropshipping AliExpress products. Dropshipping experts handpicked and selected these products based on their selling potential and profit margins.
FindNiche provides comprehensive performance analytics for these products. The database is updated daily and includes links to AliExpress suppliers and social media advertising campaigns. The tool also helps users find the most profitable niches.
You can sign up for a free trial of FindNiche and view up to 100 products for free. If you wish to access more, you can purchase a subscription. The Basic plan is $9 per month, and the Elite plan costs $59 a month. You can cancel your subscription at any time. The premium and VIP plans cost a little more.
The basic plan gives you access to the product database of more than 20 million AliExpress products. You can filter by volume, geographical area, and sales rank. You can also view more details about each product.
With the premium membership, you can export up to 600 products from the product database and search for more than 500 products. You can also view the performance of your competitors. You can also view links to successful Facebook advertising campaigns and Shopify sellers.
To learn more about niche markets and how to find winning products, you should look at other paid and free tools. For example, Google Trends is a great resource for tracking trends and finding the latest information on a particular topic.

Analyzes over 11,000 niches

Whether you are an e-commerce startup or a professional, FindNiche is the perfect tool to help you determine your best niche products. It analyzes over 11,000 niches, offers practical search options, and provides accurate and reliable data.
If you’re starting a business, looking for a new product, or want to increase your dropship profits, FindNiche is the perfect resource to make your decision easy. This comprehensive tool is compatible with various online platforms, including Shopify, AliExpress, Amazon, and more. The company also offers a free plan, which gives you access to limited information. The Elite and Premium plans offer more features and allow you to make more informed decisions.
In addition to analyzing over 11,000 niches, FindNiche can also evaluate over 700,000 stores and millions of products. Its powerful data analysis capabilities help you make educated investment decisions.
The software also provides users with a plethora of detailed graphs and charts. One of the most valuable features of FindNiche is its ability to help you uncover hidden profitable items in the wider market. It also helps you identify trending products with high sales margins.
FindNiche’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate. The tool supports searches from different platforms, and users can also filter products based on their ranking or category. It also has a social Ad Spy feature, which enables users to see the most popular social media ads and campaigns. It even includes an API integration, which enables you to access more seller platforms.
FindNiche also has a blog that contains useful information for startups. It provides failsafe business practices, as well as articles for beginners. It also has an impressive advertising database, with over 80 million ad creatives.

Comparison with EcomHunt

Among the many tools for finding winning dropshipping products, EcomHunt stands out. Its nifty features include:
Detailed product analytics.
An impressive selection of winning items.
Access to the latest hot products.
Although the product research software is free, a paid version offers additional features. The Pro plan costs $20 per month and includes ad tracking, analytics, and full platform access.
A Live feature is a cool tool that shows you the hottest products in the last 24 hours. It also provides valuable metrics, such as social media reactions.
The Chrome extension is another nice feature that allows you to download images without going through the dashboard. You can also see what the best-selling products are on Amazon.
In addition to the free plan, there is a paid version called EcomHunt 2.0, which offers more features. In addition, there is an EcomHunt Facebook group and YouTube channel. These are great resources for beginners.
A few of the best features of EcomHunt are automated product analysis, ad-tracking, and access to the newest hot items. Finding the right products for your store is difficult, so using these tools can save you a lot of time.
The ad-tracking function also helps you build a potential audience based on the details of a product. Its Facebook Audience Builder tool also gives you targeted leads.
The other notable feature of EcomHunt is the Live feature, which updates information daily. You can also save your favorite products for later viewing.
Those who are looking for a simple product research tool may want to consider the Google Chrome extension, which is free. It also has a mobile app.


Whether an entrepreneur or a small business owner, FindNiche is a powerful tool for finding profitable niches and products. It can help you identify valuable products, understand your competition, and launch a successful dropshipping store.
FindNiche can help you determine which products and niches are winning on social media. You can also see what competitors are doing right and wrong. And, since it’s integrated with AliExpress, you can find and monitor products from other sellers.
You can sign up for a free account to get started. Once you’re set up, you’ll have access to more than 20 handpicked best-selling items. You’ll also have access to a full database of over 20 million products. You can filter products by location, orders, volume, and more. It’s easy to use and provides key product details.
The FindNiche tool is affordable to anyone, including small startups and established brands. The company offers various pricing plans. The Basic plan costs $9 a month, and the Pro plan costs $29. You can even downgrade your subscription if you need fewer features. You’ll also receive a 60-day money-back guarantee.
FindNiche is a powerful niche analytics tool that industry leaders developed. It helps you find products selling well on Shopify, AliExpress, and other eCommerce platforms. Its massive database of products and advanced performance analytics give you detailed information on the most profitable products. It also provides links to top Shopify and AliExpress suppliers and links to successful Facebook ad campaigns.
You can even integrate FindNiche with your Shopify or AliExpress store. You’ll be able to search and export products to a CVS file.