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Freepppik is one of the best stock, banner, vector download websites for designers to design their images with quality templates.

However, to download Premium resources, you need to sign up for a premium account to use. This article will share for you Free Freepppik Premium account cookies that only need a few steps to use.

Table of contents
  • Freepppik resource website for Designer
  • Flaticon website vector icon resource download
  • Get a Freepppik, Premium account through Cookies 2020
  • Download Cookies Freepppik Premium
  • Download Cookies Flaticon Premium
  • Guide to login Freepppik Premium account
  • Video instructions for logging into FreePppik Premium account
  • Get files from Freeppppik, Flaticon
  • Freeppppik account rental

Freepppik resource website for Designer

Freepppik is a free vector design search engine. This is an excellent resource for any designer. Because it allows users to use exclusive high-quality illustrations. The site will help you find free graphics in the form of existing image files, vectors, pictures, and PSD files. It provides thousands of free graphics files in many formats like AI, SVG, JPG, EPS.


Freepppik will always update images in new websites, filter images to get high-quality photos. Then this image is automatically categorized to serve the user when searching faster. When you get an idea from Freepppik, it will include the URL indication of the web page address containing the image. This is also a perfect backlink way for you to do SEO


Flaticon website vector icon resource download

Flaticon is also part of Freepppik, but you need a different Premium account to download copyrighted resources.

Get a Freepppik, Flaticon Premium account through Cookies 2020

If you have ever used Cookies to log into your Netflix Premium account or many other websites, then no more need to say. This is a method to share accounts with many people without affecting your Premium Freepppik account, avoiding changing passwords, breaking reports, …

Your account will have a daily limit of downloads, so after you are done, you should turn off the Website, not log out for later use. If the downloads have run out, please be patient to log in the next day.

I will check cookies every day. If I can no longer use it, I will update another cookie to rest assured to use Freeppppik Premium.

No account logout

When finished downloading, should exit

Step 1: You visit the chrome store to download extensions J2TEAM Cookies or Google search will appear

Step 2: Download the Cookies link from above and go to free pppik group buy. The browser will have the Extension just installed on the right side above, click on it and select Import.


Step 3: After importing, you will see the account is logged in. Download limit 100 files/day.

Get files from Freepppik, Flaticon.

During the process of using cookies, you will not be able to log in, and the ad update is late; you can send the file link you need to download under the comment, the ad will download for you.

People can access these folders to find resources for themselves: Remember to press the key combination Ctrl + F to search by keywords of help you need to download. I will get files for you fastest at 8-10 am, at other times, depending on when I’m online.


There are ways to reg acc Freepppik . And you have to hurry up and hurry because this hole may be fixed at any time. 🙁

After adding a virtual visa with a pin, each account will only be downloaded once 🙂 , so; please make use of everything. If you still want to reload the next day, try again with the steps below, but use a new account (by registering with Gmail, Facebook …); this error will be fixed at any time, so please hurry hand.


Step 1: Register or login to freepppik

Step 2: The Website asks if you want to upgrade to Premium? Just select Yes I’m in.

Step 3: Access to Email and confirm the account registered.

Step 4: Visit Freepppik registration page. Now, you can choose any one-month or one-year package. The goal is to go to Add Visa card only.


Step 5: You add the name, address, and city. Enter big is fine; it doesn’t matter right or wrong.


Important Note: if you exit or close your browser, you will lose your Premium because your frepik check card detects you are using a virtual card. So this is a quick way to download files for sale on Freepppik.

After adding a virtual visa with a pin, each account will only be downloaded once, so please take advantage of everything. If you still want to reload the next day, try again with the action; however, using a new account (by registering with Gmail, Facebook …), this error will be fixed at any time, so hurry up, let everyone know, still, download it.

UPDATE 26.09.2019

When adding a virtual card, some people declined, not because of an error fix, but because you used the old mail or did not create a new account. You note that when you finish the Premium, you log out, get a completely new mail to sign up, and then add virtual cards according to the post’s link to use.

If you don’t have a lot of mail? okay, today I will show you how to create a fast virtual mail to subscribe to freepppik

When you visit the Website to create virtual mail, you will be given a temporary email address. And this Email will live up to a few minutes to a week. During that time, you use the Email provided to receive Email from another Email. For example: receiving confirmation mail when registering a Website account.

The feature of Virtual Mail is that you can only receive Email but not Email. The Email address you are given will be given a random name and domain depending on each service of the Website.

The particular point is that there is no need to register for an account; just go to the homepage, and you will be updated on a temporary virtual email.

List of best temporary virtual mail websites

10minutemail is considered the most famous virtual mail creation website. As the name implies, you have 10 minutes of quick virtual mail maintenance. I use 10minutemail the most often, so I put it on the top TOP. The time to receive mail here is speedy. If 10 minutes is not enough, you can extend another 10 minutes by clicking, “Give me 10 more minutes!”. Or, if you want to create another temporary virtual mailbox, click Get another email address. Primarily, 10minutemail also supports Vietnamese.

Tempmailaddress allows you to choose a longer Temporary Email lifespan. You have six options for email duration: 60 minutes, + 10 minutes, one day, three days, one week, two weeks. If you need to use temporary virtual Email for a long time, Tempmailaddress is a perfect choice. You are provided with a password to access your brief Email in case you want to check your old Email. allows you to choose a virtual email address as you like. The part name you can choose according to your liking. The @domain Extension, you select 1 from the list of 12 available domains. This will help your virtual Email look “real”.

Also, temp-mail is available.

Extension on Chrome helps you create virtual mail extremely fast. Just click on the temp-mail icon, and you have a virtual mail.

In addition to the three famous temporary virtual mail providers above, you can refer to some other virtual mail creation websites such as:

If you have your domain, you should create an email domain for easy management. You can use the services of Zoho, Yandex to create email domain names for free.

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