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How to Index Link forums, profile to Google with Instantlinkindexer

Instant Link Indexer is a tool to help us index new articles, backlink success rate with a large number, but do not abuse it, you should split up to index.

As you all know, Google has removed the public URL submit page. That means you can only request indexing the site that owns it with forum and profile links, whether or not it is up. But Rum sees most of them not being indexed, so going to the forum link is considered lost. If it takes time to get any use out, it would be boring. Recently, the SEO community frantically talked about Instantlinkindexer. It allows us to index forum links, profiles to Google. What happened? This article Rum will bring you more information.

Submit the Google Index URL in the Search Console interface

Google has prevented Spam Index from linking forums, reducing “junk” on the world’s largest search database. This has a significant impact on the SEO job of domestic and foreign SEOer because link building is an indispensable part of off-page SEO.

Contents of the article
  • How to Index Link forum, link profile to Google
  • Benefits of using Instantlinkindexer
  • Guide to Index link to Google with Instantlinkindexer
  • How to create a post-campaign request indexing forum posts, profile
  • Check the Forum Profile link index progress.
  • Index free forum link on

How to Index Link forum, link profile to Google

Benefits of using Instantlinkindexer

  • First Index all of your pages to Google.
  • Sencond Index Backlink from floor 1 to floor 6.
  • Three Index satellite blog link.
  • Four Index link for forum posts, Web 2.0s, Articles, Wikis, Social Bookmarks, Blog Comments, Forum Profiles.

Guide to Index link to Google with Instantlinkindexer

This tool is not free; you have to pay some money to buy the VIP package. As follows:

  • Starter package: Index 500 links per day, price $ 13.77 / month.
  • 1K: Index 1000 links per day, price $ 19.97 / month.
  • 2K: Index 2000 links per day, price $ 23.97 / month.
  • 5K: Index 5000 links per day, price $ 29.97 / month.
  • 10K: Index 10000 links per day, price $ 33.77 / month.
  • 20K: Index 20000 links per day, price $ 38.97 / month.
  • 30K: Index 30000 links per day, price $ 42.77 / month.
  • 50K: Index 50000 links per day, price $ 47.77 / month.
  • Custom package: If you have a larger need to index forum posts than the above packages, contact the Admin.

According to Hai’s assessment, this price is at an acceptable level. We should buy in groups because one day it is impossible to submit the URL to google all.

How to create a post-campaign request indexing forum posts, profile

After purchasing the account, enter your Username and password.

Now go to Campaigns -> New Campaign.

Name the campaign, enter the forum link, the profile to be indexed in the frame, each link is 1 line.

You can import from TXT / CSV / Excel or Sitemap files.

Scroll to the bottom and click Create Campaign.

Campaign creation notice is complete with the number of links you have added.

Check the Forum Profile link index progress.

You go to Campaigns -> Campaigns section.

Enter the campaign name to find the list you need.

A total of 88 links, one link processed, remaining 87 links. The remaining links will be processed after three days (depending on your settings in the above step).

Learn how to speed up the Google Index most effectively today.

Index free forum link on

Then log in to your account, go to Submit Links. has many good and useful SEO tools. Hai will have a detailed article to introduce for everyone to refer.

This site allows you to index up to 50 free links per day. After submit – Please wait 24 – 72 hours for Instant link indexer to assist you in submitting. Progress tracking URL is attached to the project.

To check whether the forum link, the profile has been indexed to Google or not, click to see the progress.

Instead of having to buy an account, now it is free to use, limited to 50 links/day.

Currently, Rum is testing how to index forum links to Google in this way quite effectively. Immediately, the keyword Facebook Icon to Top is quite fast. You use it and let it evaluate whether it is okay or not. I hope this article will help you in doing SEO