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What is iSpionage? Sell ​​reputable iSpionage accounts

If you want to keep an eye on your competitors so you can learn more about SEO secrets and their conversion strategies, then you should check out iSpionage.
In this article, I will talk about the features of iSpionage. I’ll also list its pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about whether to buy an iSpionage account for your Business.

What is iSpionage?

iSpionage is a competitive research and monitoring platform for digital marketers to gain a competitive edge in the search marketing process. Already several tens of thousands of customers have used iSpionage to improve SEO & SEM performance. The tool’s unique features allow you to: track your PPC campaign from clicks to conversions, analyze competitors, track your global SEO rankings, and more …

Review iSpionage

The first thing that you will notice iSpionage is how easy it is to use. Just go to the homepage, enter the name of a domain you want to test, and the tool will show you a report with lots of valuable information. It is a familiar user interface if you have used a similar device in the past. The main sections are organized in tabs at the top. Just click on one of those tabs to see the area you want to see. The data are presented in charts or tables. That makes it easy to get the information you are looking for.

iSpionage runs in the cloud. That means you don’t need to install any software on your computer. Just go to the website, log in and start using the tool.

PPC keyword

While iSpionage is excellent at finding information about the SEO keywords your competitors are using, it can also find their PPC keywords. The PPC Keyword report lists the top search terms your competitors are using in their ads. They are listed in a table, in descending order of the Keyword Performance Index (KEI). KEI is calculated based on two factors: how long a competitor used the keyword and the date it was last seen. Why was that period a competitor used keywords? Because if a competitor has been running an ad with the same keyword for a very long time, there is a very high chance that that keyword will bring in targeted traffic. So you can use that keyword. In addition to KEI, iSpionage also shows you the following data about each of your competitors’ PPC keywords:

  • Number of advertisements
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Average search volume
  • Average position
  • The first day saw
  • Last day to see

PPC keyword reports are also tabulated. The default tab shows you keywords seen on Google. Another tab shows you keywords seen on Bing and Yahoo.

Use iSpionage to analyze your competitors’ ad campaigns.

Want to see the ads your competitors are running like? So that you can conceptualize your ad campaigns. Luckily, iSpionage can provide you with that kind of data. In the Ads report, the tool will show you a title, URL, and description for your competitors’ top ads. They are displayed in a table in descending order of the Ad Performance Index (AEI). AEI is the same as KEI except for ad copy. In other words, ad copy they’ve been running for a long time will score higher than ad copy they’ve been running for a short time.

That report also shows you the active keywords. But there may be a few keywords; you will have to click to open the popup and view them. In general, keywords are displayed in a table. Additionally, the Ads dashboard displays the following information:

  • Monthly traffic
  • Average rank
  • Date seen
  • The first day saw
  • Last day to see

As with the PPC Keywords report, the Ads report is tabulated. The default tab shows you Ads seen on Google search. Another tab shows you Ads seen on Bing and Yahoo.

SEO keyword analysis

The SEO Keywords report shows you which keywords are driving your website traffic from SERPs. It ranks in descending order of the number of keywords that the page ranks for in the top 10 Google search results. For example, if you have a page that ranks 178 keywords in the top 10, then that page will appear on any page that ranks for fewer keywords in the top 10. Unlike some other tools, iSpionage shows up. Shows you a picture of the ranking page. It also displays the page title, URL and description. The table also shows the average position of the keywords that rank for the page, position trends in graph form, overall estimated traffic, and traffic values ​​in dollars.

Better yet, however, the tool shows a table in a table showing you the top five keywords that take everyone. Go to that page. If you want to see more than five keywords, click the orange SEE MORE button at the bottom of the table. As usual, the table will show one tab of Google results, the other showing Bing / Yahoo results.

Competitor Analysis

The iSpionage tool also identifies your top competitors. It shows your top competitors in two ways: PPC keywords and SEO keywords. The default report shows you PPC competitors. It’s in a table listing each competitor as well as competitor’s monthly budget, keywords, total keyword count, number of ad copy and average position. If you want to see SEO reports, click the SEO tab at the top of the table. A new table will appear showing each competitor’s domain name as well as the SEO traffic value of the competitor, the duplicate keyword, and the number of keywords. Again, there are two tabs at the top of the table that allow you to switch between Google results and Bing / Yahoo results.

Compare Competitors

Maybe you like comparing several competitors against each other or comparing your website with a few of your competitors. Fortunately, iSpionage allows you to do just that. In the Compare report, you can enter up to three URLs or domains of your competitors. Then click the SEARCH button. At the top of the information, you’ll see a straight line chart highlighting the average PPC budget of each website over the past year. For convenience, lines representing different web pages are coloured. That is the default chart. There are three other charts you can see in the same section:

  • Average potential clicks
  • Average position
  • Quantity of Google keywords

To view another chart, click on the chart name below the CHART select title. The next section of the Comparison report includes a pie chart showing the duplicate keywords across all web pages. Below that pie chart, you’ll see a list of exact keywords. If you want to see which keywords your competitors are using that you don’t already have, click on the appropriate line to the right of the pie chart. The data in the table will update. It’s a great way to find keywords that your competitors are using, but you haven’t yet identified.

Below that table, you’ll find tables of top ad identification for each site. They look like the table in the Ads report, so there’s no need to review them again. Finally, at the bottom of the Comparison report, you’ll see the top landing pages for each site.

If you want to schedule your tracking and receive reports on your competitors, then you should use iSpionage Campaign Watch. This tool will send you a weekly message, in which you will know your competitors’ strategy changes. This is so useful; you need to focus on your work while iSpionage keeps an eye on the competition and lets you know what it finds. It’s like having a virtual assistant.

Here’s the data you’ll see in your weekly reports:

  • SEM Performance – Compare your SEM performance with what your competition is doing. Check market share, keyword rankings and other important analytics.
  • Full Campaign Details – Learn about your competitor’s keyword, landing page, and PPC advertising strategy.
  • A / B Test Results – Track your competitors’ split test results and see which ads are the ones that bring in targeted traffic.
  • Landing Pages – Use your competitors’ landing pages as a template for your marketing efforts.
  • Track a competitor’s landing page to see the change.
  • SERP Snapshot – See how your PPC ad appears on Google for each day of the month.

There are several benefits of letting iSpionage Campaign Watch monitor your competitors:

  • You never miss an update.
  • You’ll see the entire sales funnel – iSpionage will track the whole sales process from purchase to final conversion. You will learn about your competitors’ most robust strategies so you can incorporate them into your campaigns.
  • You’ll get a free split test – How do you want your competitors to pay for your split test? iSpionage shares competitor A / B test results.
  • You’ll learn how to convert visitors – iSpionage provides actionable insights to help you optimize your ad copy, call-to-action button and landing page text.


Pricing for iSpionage starts at $ 59 per month for Starter accounts. Prices can go as high as $ 299 per month if you’re looking for an Advanced account that offers more data. If you need a solution for Business, you will have to call them. Overall iSpionage is quite expensive although you can save 16-50% if you choose to buy every two years. And if you are looking for a place to sell reputable iSpionage accounts, take a look at trannampho, you can buy the same tab there for cheap.

The pros and cons of iSpionage

Lots of people already use iSpionage. Here are some of the positives and negatives they are saying about this SEO tool. First, the positivity:

  • Helps you find long keywords
  • Quickly find what your competition is doing to advertise on search engines
  • Featured keyword suggestions
  • Allows users to create keyword notifications
  • Data is outstanding

Now, the negative:

  • Need better team collaboration features
  • There is sometimes a lack of data and a lack of competitors
  • Not all data is meaningful
  • There is no competing data for social media
  • Can’t track display ads
  • The free account has limited features


One of the best ways to beat your competitors is to know what they’re doing. That’s why you need a tool like iSpionage. If you’re a small business, it gets the job done. However, it has a limited data set. Other tools provide a more robust solution. Take SEMRush for example, although the cost is higher, you will get worth the money you bought, so if you can afford it, you should buy SEMRush together. On the other hand, iSpionage is also trying every day to develop into a better tool.