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How to use Jungle Scout spy Amazon

You are about to have been selling on Amazon FBA, perhaps the most critical question you have to answer is what you will sell on Amazon?

How do I find products that are selling well on Amazon? In this article, I will guide you to see “delicious” products using it tools.

It would help if you used an Amazon product finder like it to do market research and work out the right business strategy.

In this Jungle Scout review, I will show you how to use this tool to find million dollar products to sell on Amazon FBA.

How to use JungleScout

What is Jungle Scout?
How does Jungle Scout work?
Why do we need Jungle Scout to sell Amazon FBA?
Evaluate the features of the Jungle Scout tool
Jungle Scout product database feature
Product tracking feature Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout Niche Hunter product niche finder
Keyword Scout Keyword Research Tool
Supplier Database sourcing tool
Are there fees for Jungle Scout?
Is there a free tool similar to Jungle Scout?

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a toolkit, including a web application that allows users to search a database of Amazon’s best-selling items.

It also has a Chrome extension that allows you to check related information on different product pages.

So what’s the difference between the Jungle Scout Chrome extension and the Jungle Scout tool?.

These two apps work closely to help you with million-dollar product research preparing to sell on Amazon FBA. However, they are fundamentally different.

Jungle Scout’s version of the Jungle Scout Chrome extension is meant to help you collect data and specific information about a particular product on Amazon.

They usually install into the Google Chrome browser and work when you surf on the Amazon.com website.

On the other hand, the it Web application helps you search for products from various filters and track products over time whose data has been collected by the Extensions above.

You can use this it tool right in your browser without having to download any applications to your device.

So you understand what the it tool is and how it can help you in the Amazon FBA business.

In the following, I will continue to go through the great features of this tool.

How does Jungle Scout work?

How Exactly is Jungle Scout? In my opinion, it is very accurate in helping you find best-selling or potential products to sell Amazon FBA.

However, before using any tools, you should also find out the statistics that it shows about Amazon’s product.

The two most important metrics that you need to consider when using Jungle Scout are estimated sales and estimated advertising costs.

First, Jungle Scout can estimate any product sales on Amazon, based on the Bestseller Rank (BSR).

The products are considered very potential when Jungle Scout estimates that the product sells 5,000 units/month with monthly sales of $ 100,000.

When I use the Jungle Scout tool to sell on Amazon FBA, these metrics are very accurate.

Only Jungle Scout’s cost estimator is not very standard. Do you know why?

Like Google or Facebook ads, Amazon Ads operate under a bidding mechanism; the more people are buying ads, the more competitive and soaring bids.

When you use it to check your advertising costs, the numbers displayed are in real-time.

When you run Amazon ads, it’s very likely that the cost will go up or down, usually increasing because the competition will increase a lot over time.

Therefore, I recommend that once you find the product using the it tool above, you should proceed to import and sell on Amazon FBA as soon as possible.

The longer you leave it, the more people will compete with you. At this point, the market will not be as lucrative as before.

Why do we need Jungle Scout to sell Amazon FBA?

There are many ways to research the market and find potential products to do business.

However, to understand the overseas market where you will sell Amazon FBA products, it will take a lot of effort and time to learn.

Barriers to language, geography, culture, and way of thinking are also things that make it extremely difficult for you to research products for sale on Amazon FBA.

On the other hand, Amazon is an incredibly lucrative but also extremely competitive sales place. It would help if you competed with opponents with potentially tens of times more potent than you, from the US, Europe, and other Asian countries.

It tool gives you the necessary metrics to help you find a million-dollar product to sell on Amazon FBA.

Without the it, you can traditionally research the market, create a spreadsheet, and fill in all the information you find.

It takes about 20 minutes for each product. With Jungle Scout, you get all the same info in about 3 seconds – with one click.

The marketplace is a battlefield; when you are a second behind, the chance will leave you forever. It Tool was born to help you save a lot of things and dominate the business.

Evaluate the features of the Jungle Scout tool

Jungle Scout product database feature

It’s flagship feature allows you to filter Amazon catalogs, including seller-only filters.

Here you can filter by all possible criteria to find and analyze potential products.

Some vital information that you need to know:

(1) Choose the market you are targeting: it allows you to research the market on Amazon US, Canada, Germany, Spain,… You choose the US (US).
(2) Remember to tick the FBA, FBM, or Amazon sold products section to find the right product with Amazon FBA.
(3) Filter products by criteria such as price, weight (in pounds), number of reviews, and minimum sales per month.
(4) You can add or remove keywords for a more accurate search.
(5) You will enter the product keywords you want to find in the Include Keyword box.
After filtering, you will see the results, as shown above, a list of products, along with essential information fields on the Amazon floor.

This is the result that I filtered by the keyword “water bottle” and belongs to Sports & Outdoors.

You will see it listing all products on Amazon. Several sellers are selling that product, estimated sales, and sales per month, including COGS, profit, weight, review, and bestselling rating.

You can export this report to your computer by clicking “Export as .CSV” for your convenience.

Product tracking feature Jungle Scout

This feature allows you to track sales, inventory, BSR metrics, and other information about any product on Amazon.

You can track your competitor’s products’ sales to see if they’re doing well or not. From there, you can decide whether you should compete or not.

After accessing the Product Tracker section, select Get Started to start tracking.

The first time you have not used this tool, will see the interface as above.

Select the Amazon US marketplace and select Next.

You will name the product group. it is quite smart; it will suggest products you should follow after entering the group name.

Here I enter “Water Bottle” in the group name box, so Jungle Scout lists other competitors selling water bottles on the Amazon floor

You tick the products you want to track and choose Create and Add Products to create a product group

And here is your competitor’s product tracking interface.

You can see at a glance how the three products you choose above have the indexes, how much a day is sold, estimated sales, prices, and the average rating

Are there fees for Jungle Scout?


Here is the price list of the Jungle Scout tool. As you can see, this Amazon product research tool is not a free trial.

However, they allow you to experiment for 14 days, if you are not satisfied or don’t want to use anymore, you can cancel your account 14 days in advance and get a full refund.

Extension: The price to use the it extension is 39 USD / month ~ 897,000 VND
Jungle Scout: The price to use web tools is 49 USD / month ~ 1,127,000 VND
Jungle Scout & Extension: The price to use the full combo is 69 USD / month ~ 1,587,000 VND
Looking at the price list, you can immediately see that the combo price is much more profitable than buying individual tools individually.

You’ll need both versions: a web app and a Chrome extension to be able to research a million dollar product on Amazon.

Therefore, you should buy the combos to save money.

Also, when you pay annually, the combo price is only $ 49 / month. Save those 20 dollars/month!

Is there a free tool similar to Jungle Scout?

The answer is yes: The Unicorn Smasher extension is very similar to the it extension.

But almost every time I check the results page with it, the sales and revenue estimates are left blank.

Any money, I find this sentence quite correct in this case. With this free product, you don’t get any useful information either.

You should invest in it to save time when researching products business on Amazon FBA.


You can see that Jungle Scout was born to serve the Amazon FBA, right?

With the above features and extremely reasonable price, it is almost unrivaled in the market.

To be successful with Amazon FBA, you should invest in this it toolkit.