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What is Keyword Revealer?

As in the previous post, I said, I don’t like digital products advertising on Facebook. Reason: because it is not stable. But there are a few exceptions; the last one was Prezi and Infograpia and the one this time was Keyword Revealer.
Table of contents:

  • Keyword Revealer account review
  • The primary attributes of a keyword
  • Features of the Keyword Revealer account
  • Keyword Research function:
  • Rank Tracker function
  • Brainstorm function
  • Price
  • Keyword Revealer equivalent tool
  • Conclude

Keyword Revealer account review

Keyword Revealer is a keyword research tool to select quality keywords -> to create content -> so that your website/company appears earliest in the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo. , .. and other search engines.

The primary attributes of a keyword

Let’s first go over the critical elements of keyword-with-value:

Monthly Search Volume – Estimated number of monthly people using this keyword to search. By using keywords that are more likely to be selected by customers when typing into a search engine, you increase the likelihood of more people finding your site.
Keyword Difficulty – Indicates how difficult you will face when using this keyword to push your content to appear at the top of search results. The higher the number, the harder it is to increase rankings.
Keyword length – The keywords belong to one of the following measurements: Short and popular search keywords (eg, “rice cooker”), medium-length keywords (“rice cooker”, “3-liter rice cooker “..), and long keyword (“3-liter Japanese rice cooker “,” how to choose a Japanese rice cooker “, …).
In general, short keywords are more difficult to “SEO” than medium or long keywords (long keywords have a lower probability for users to type in search engines).

The purpose of keywords: In terms of purpose, there are three types of keywords: Keywords when you want to buy products/services (Transactional keyword), Keyword search information about products/services (Informational keyword), and From navigation keys find web pages containing products/services (Navigational keyword).
Most keywords with a high monthly search volume will also have more severe difficulty. That’s why it’s essential to find satisfying keywords: search volume with moderate difficulty or ease.

Currently, the usual way to do this is to find medium-length keywords (increase the probability that your target audience will use) + moderate or easy lock (fewer SEO costs) + monthly search traffic. High.

Features of the Keyword Revealer account

To do things on the Keyword Revealer account (Pro, the package I’m using) is divided into three categories: Keyword Research, Rank Tracker, and Keyword Brainstorming.

Keyword Research function:

This function will give you an overview of any search keywords you are looking for.

You can see the keyword properties in the demo image below:

Since the words describing the information above are also relatively common and straightforward, I will not explain it anymore (sometimes the ax dance through the worker). I will focus on the functionality of this tool more.

Select the keyword “mini rice cooker” press the button to evaluate the difficulty (estimate) “Evaluate,” and the results will be as follows:

Select the keyword “mini rice cooker” press the button to evaluate the difficulty (estimate) “Evaluate,” and the results will be as follows:
As you can, the keyword information is presented very clearly and in detail. Thereby you can decide to choose or remove this keyword to build content for your SEO campaign.

You can use the Filter function to remove unwanted keywords, then use the Download CSV function to save the selected set of keywords.

Keyword Revealer allows you to download entire keywords or download selected keywords that have been analyzed (Evaluate).

Rank Tracker function

Function to evaluate the ranking of keywords you are implementing in the SEO campaign. It shows whether the effectiveness of your SEO campaign is profitable or questionable. If that keyword’s ranking continues to drop, then it’s necessary to change the implementation.

Brainstorm function

This function will allow you to see all related keywords that Google may suggest below the search results (Google Autosuggest). The longer, more relevant keywords in the branch will be returned. However, I find this brainstorm result creation process quite long

A quick comparison of the Keyword Revealer account feature with the KWFinder account
  • Keyword Revealer KWFinder feature
  • Limit the number of keywords searched every day Depending on subscription plan Subscription
  • Daily limit of competitor keyword research Subscription dependent subscription plan
  • Keyword analysis limitation Subscription dependent subscription plan
  • Keyword Analysis Yes Yes
  • Competitor Analysis (URL) Yes Yes
  • Brainstorming Yes No
  • Track Keyword Yes Yes
  • Keyword Analysis by Domain Yes No
  • Number of supported languages ​​41 (Available in Vietnamese) 43 (Available in Vietnamese)
  • Keyword Research by Region (Google Location) Yes (No Google Australia) Yes (Google Australia)
  • The number of URLs shown when analyzing keyword 10 is unlimited
  • Environmental Keyword Analysis (Desktop or Mobile) No Yes
  • Analyzing Backlinks, SEO Authority of website None
  • Keyword-related searches (Google) No Yes
  • Majestic No.


Keyword Revealer is quite affordable. Compared to KWFinder, this price is right for me. With a lifetime account costing nearly $ 90 with the features described above, I believe, if you don’t take advantage of it, you’ll miss an unfortunate opportunity. Really.

Keyword Revealer equivalent tool

If you need to look for another keyword research tool that is equally (and possibly more) functional, look into the following brands:

  1. KWFinder: This is still the best research tool available today. KWFinder account has an intuitive and impressive design interface, clearly arranged function buttons, helping users simplify the keyword research process. The strength of KWFinder is that it has a vast, comprehensive set of keyword data available to bring about the fastest SEO efficiency. Furthermore, this tool supports Vietnamese and Google Vietnam, which few SEO keyword research brands support.
  2. Google Keyword Planner: no colorful, not many features, Google Keyword Planner is still the # 1 free keyword research tool today. Unfortunately, if you do not sign up for a Google Ads account, you will not be able to use many of this tool’s features.
  3. This tool also has essential functions like KWFinder and Keyword Revealer. A unique feature is that it allows you to research keywords according to the website environment; you can do keyword research and analysis on Amazon, Google Play Store, YouTube, Bing, Instagram, and other high-traffic websites other.
  4. SEMrush: This is also a quality keyword research tool. However, SEMrush is more suitable for SEO campaign analysis (digital marketing) than keyword research. Some of the keyword research functions will not be as obvious as compared to the other tools above. You can quickly find high-quality low-competition keywords or keywords your competitors are using in their SEO campaign.
  5. Ahrefs: The feature is quite similar to, but there is no keyword analysis on the Amazon, YouTube, Yandex sites, and some national search engines. The analysis results are presented clearly, easy to “read the content taste” compared to other tools. Ahrefs is a perfect fit to replace KWFinder / Keyword Revealer.


The “big data” battle in keyword research is still going on between the top brands. With the price advantage and a lifetime account of less than $ 100, and the guarantees that promise to upgrade in the future, Keyword Revealer deserves to be chosen if you are a professional content maker. Budget “tight.” If you have a different experience with this brand-new tool, please share it with everyone in this article’s comments section. Thanks.