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A keyword research guide using effectively.
What is is not too strange for SEO. But newbie is entirely new. It is a useful keyword research tool. It helps you search for keyword-related topics with hundreds of instructions in seconds.

Let’s join Heddle SEO to learn more about what is and how to use to be most effective.

A keyword research guide using effectively.

1 What is
2 A guide to keyword research with effective
3 Note when using
4 What do you do when you have your list of keywords?
5 Meaning of columns in

What is

Keyword tool io is a keyword research tool. This is the most potential and best long-term keyword search engine.

With long keywords, SEO on the top of Google also becomes much more straightforward.

For new websites, this is your chance to find potential traffic to the website. As for long-established websites, you need to write unique content, carefully optimize the on-page, then submit it to Google index to go to page 1 to search. will have two different versions: free and paid.

Pros: The keyword tool keyword research tool will assist you with a large number of related keywords.

Cons: With the free version, there should be a lot of limitations for competitive keyword analysis. But enough for you to work.

A guide to keyword research with effective

Currently, the keyword tool io, has upgraded a lot. In addition to Google, you can search for keywords on Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter.

Very powerful.

In this section, Heddle SEO will guide you in keyword research in Google Search. The other parts are similar.

Step 1: Access the link

Go to the initial interface
When you do not have an account, use the free version.
The tool works 99%, with no errors.
Unlimited searches
As can be seen, the tool will help you find thousands of related keywords in a flash. Related keywords will automatically suggest you. It allows you to choose and better understand your industry.

Due to the free version, there will be some limitations such as

You cannot see the full volume of the search volume.
Cannot see CPC – Cost Per Click
Could not see Trends – search trends
Adwords competitiveness
There is no related keyword search item – Related keywords.

Step 2: Put the keywords you need to look for in the search box and click on the magnifying glass

For example, I do “SEO service,” so I will put the primary keyword in the Search box. The results showed 16 keywords related to “SEO services” with the free version.

You will see many other sections with the premium version, such as Related keywords – searching for related keywords. Here, when searching for keywords related to “SEO services,” there are 318 keywords. Quite a lot, right?

Set up other items on the left-hand side like locations – country, Language – language, network – affiliate network, Currency – currency.

Section Questions: this is the part you should be interested in. Because it will show you the question-type keywords that users are searching for. Aim to know the search intent of the user.

Your job after finding the keyword is to copy it to an excel file. You can use copy/export all at the bottom of the tool to extract.

Note when using

Usually, when you enter this tool, it is already installed. However, there are some cases where misusing leads to wrong keyword analysis.

Select Google:: Because we are looking for keywords to SEO website on Google search. If you want to do other market SEO, you should choose another category.
Select Because we are SEO in Vietnam, choose for more accurate results.
Choice of language: Vietnamese

What do you do when you have your list of keywords?

For those who are new to SEO, the list above can do a lot of things. Such as:

Find ideas to write content, diverse, more themes for the website.
Find potential long keywords for website SEO
Use that list of keywords to run Adwords.
Diverse anchor text in off-page SEO or on-page SEO
There are many other uses you can think of, depending on the experience.

It can be seen that, despite being a simple but effective keyword research tool, it is excellent. In particular, this tool is exceptionally suitable for content creators.

The meaning of the columns in

Keyword: Keywords related to the leading SEO keyword
Search Volume: volume of local searches/month
Trend: The trend of search increases month by month
CPC – Cost Per Click: Amount paid per click
Keywords Competition: The level of keyword competition of adword ads
So, you have to understand what is and how to use the simplest most effectively. It’s not just keyword tool io that’s keyword research. You can combine with other keyword research tools to find more keywords. Please refer to the two articles below about keywords.

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Once you have a list of keywords, do not forget the effective competitive screening method and keyword optimization method.

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