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A guide to keyword research with KWFinder for effective SEO optimization

Kwfinder- Best Keyword Research Tool 2017

A guide to keyword research with KWFinder for effective content optimization and SEO for newbies

The guide to keyword research with KWFinder for effective SEO optimization will be summed up in this article. If you are new to SEO and SEO, then use keyword research tools to develop ideas! If you have PRO, then no need to discuss support tools as a friend, but the whole process of doing SEO is indispensable. KWFinder will become a powerful arm for you …

Before embarking on building website content, you often hear about the first thing is “keyword research” and then “using keywords” appropriately in the range. Of course, it is both a content building process and doing SEO to bring content to reach customers’ needs and hearts.

If you are still ambiguous about SEO, we need first to solve problems such as: “What is SEO? What is Keyword? – Why do keyword research? – How to recognize effective keywords? “.

It would help if you looked at what SEO is – How to make good SEO and become a quality SEOer first and then start learning about the KWFinder tool for keyword research you mention in this article.

Why use tools when doing SEO?

You are new to SEO, and it is not easy to climb straight to the front page in the TOP 10 within a few days. Even professional SEOs have to compete fiercely. Professional or amateur, they also need the tools to help them. The tools now no longer cater to SEOers for keyword research and help with pretty much everything, including your competitor analysis.

This article, I will only mention KWFinder because you absolutely can use it. I will do a separate report on each of the above SEO tools.

Take advantage of combined Google Search to discover potential needs.

Google Search is one of the best and most effective search engines today. Anyone who needs anything will go to Google to find; whatever they do not know, they will ask Google for dozens of answers. So how do we get data from there? Have an intervention tool like KWFinder.

If you are making content for your website, what you wish for is that your target customer needs to type in Google Search for the keyword they are looking for, and your page will flutter, and you will convert buy from them. But you are not just playing with Google; you have to play with competitors in your niche and with hundreds of thousands of different keywords.

Before doing content, you need to prepare

There are two things to prepare before building content for your business:

  • The first thing is that you also have to go looking for competitors to see what they are doing, their content, what keywords they use, and learn from them to do better.
  • The second thing is that you must find keywords that match the user; besides that, the keyword must be most popular with high monthly searches.

All of that will no longer be a hindrance when supported by KWFinder keyword research. While KWFinder won’twon’t assist you in analyzing your competitors, there are content URLs that your competitors are doing very well with that keyword to spy on what they make and mix or create quality content. Than.

Reference example below:
Look at the keywords that are occupying TOP 1 and TOP 2 because I have SEO on two different websites. Each content’s daily traffic is about 200, each month, more than 4,000 – 8,000 views from each range.

If you sell products and each content gives you 200 – 1,000, then you can also bring 2,000 – 10,000 views a day and 60,000-300,000 views a month if you have ten range. You can make Affiliate or Online Business reaping profits.

I. What is KWFinder?

1. Overview of KWFinder

KWFinder is a keyword research tool for professionals that will help you:

  • Look up that keyword and related keyword how many searches in the month.
  • The difficulty of the original and related keywords.
  • The keyword idea has the same meaning as the original keyword.
  • The question suggests related to that keyword.
  • Competitors on TOP with that keyword.
  • The monthly search trends of that keyword.

With the mission of providing an ideal keyword research tool, KWFinder will help you quickly find long keywords (Long Tail keyword) and compare the high and low competition of each keyword, the number of searches. Month and much other useful information for SEOs. This helps you to plan your SEO and do SEO more effectively than Google Keyword Planner.

2. Meaning of KWFinder

If you wonder what word KWFinder stands for, you can understand that KW (stands for Key Word) means the keyword and Finder is the searcher. Should put together, KWFinder will be the keyword searcher.

3. Good point of KWFinder

With KWFinder, you can search for keywords in any country and language of your choice. If you are building a website about products, brands, or content in foreign markets, KWFinder can also help.

There will be three boxes; the first box, you will enter the seed keyword according to the language you do, the second box is to select the target country (eg, Vietnam), the third box is to choose the target language of the keyword by country. that family (eg, Vietnamese). Then you click Find keywords; the results will be returned according to the requirements you choose.

II. Instructions for registering a KWFinder account

The registration method is quite simple, click on the link below, complete the information, check mail (if any), and complete. Registration is completed in just 2 minutes. After having an account, you will get 5 FREE searches in 24 hours.

III. Is the cost of using KWFinder expensive?

KWFinder is a paid tool that is free to use. Fees vary by month and year. If paying annually, you can save up to 40%.

Divided into 1 FREE package and 3 PAID packages:

FREE (regular account)

  • Monthly odd payment fee: $ 0 / month
  • Payment fee is always one year: $ 0 / year
  • Search for five keywords in 24 hours
  • It is showing 50 related keyword suggestions.


  • Monthly retail payment fee: $ 49 / month
  • 1 year payment: $ 358.80 save $ 229.20 => only $ 29.90 / month
  • Search 100 keywords in 24 hours
  • Showing 200 related keyword suggestions.


  • Monthly odd payment fee: $ 69 / month
  • 1 year payment fee: $ 478.80 save $ 349.20 => only $ 39.90 / month
  • Search 500 keywords in 24 hours
  • Showing 700 related keyword suggestions.


  • Monthly odd payment fee: $ 129 / month
  • 1 year payment fee: $ 958.80 save $ 589.20 => only $ 79.90 / month
  • Search 1,200 keywords in 24 hours
  • Showing 700 related keyword suggestions.

Thus, if you register for a basic account, you have five times search FREE. So if the budget is limited to only use FREE, then take advantage of it reasonably to have enough keywords to spend on one content/day.

If you want to use more than the number of free times, you must upgrade to the cheapest package, Basic, with a monthly maintenance fee. So if you have a budget, do not hesitate to upgrade; if your needs are enough as you do, use the BASIC package is reasonable with 100 keyword searches per day.

The question is, why upgrade the package? Of course, everything has its price; leveling friends will get more VIP benefits and advanced features more professional than the FREE account, view more data, not limited to the FREE plan.

You can also try to upgrade one month ago, take advantage of 30 days of full mining, after which you did don’t need to renew. Budget for that one month and make full use of it; I think in 1 month, you will focus on developing an excellent website from the KWFinder tool. After one month of profitable exploitation, then you will quickly have a revenue with the website.

IV. Display interface and parameters of KWFinder

1. KWFinder display interface

From the picture above, I have zoned four regions so that you can understand:

  • The upper left column: The area you choose to feature – Type seed keyword to search – Select country – Select language.
  • The left column below: Displays the keyword’s details to be found and some suggestions of related keywords. For a Free account, it only has 50 associated keywords. If you want to show detailed keyword information, click on it. Details will show up in the right column.
  • Upper right column: Displays keyword difficulty – Keyword search trends.
  • The right column below: Displays a list of 10 URLs that are in the top 10 Google.

2. KWFinder display parameters

The seed keyword that you are looking for will have the following comparison parameters:

  • Search Volume: Number of searches monthly
  • Trend: Search trends:
  • CPC: Value Google Ads
  • PPC: The level of competition in Google Ads
  • Keyword Difficulty (KD): Keyword difficulty
  • Google SERP: TOP 10 Google ranking

KWFinder suggests you relevant keywords that are extremely useful in Search Volume. This parameter helps you choose keywords with high monthly search volume and ignore keywords with low search volume.

KWFinder calculates the Keyword Difficulty Index based on the collection, comparison, and analysis of data from the: DA, PA, TF, and many other indicators in SEO.

Also, below the Google SERP section, there will be a list of 10 URLs in the top 10 Google with that keyword and essential SEO metrics of these URLs, such as PA, DA, Backlinks pointing back so you can determine whether or not to have a ranking for that word.

3. How to choose keywords to write content and SEO articles?

There are a lot of parameters here, but the three most important ones are:

  • Search Volume: Of course, it must be high, over 1,000 searches/month, not too few stars to do.
  • Trend: Of course, the search trend must also be high to be a potential category.
  • Keyword Difficulty: Of course, not too tricky, below 40 is OK. Over 40, you have to be hard-handed.

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