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Are you looking for an automated tool to provide you with potentially profitable niche keywords? Have you ever heard of the LongtailPro tool name?

Today, I will share a detailed LongTailPro review and tell you how to use it to find the perfect keywords for blog, niche, or review sites.

When you’re working on a micro-niche blog, one of the biggest challenges is finding keywords that can drive traffic, get ranked easily, and generate vast revenue.

Before that, I shared a tip on using SEMRUSH to find the long tail, high CPC keywords, but LongTailPro can do more than that.

So, let’s take a look at the full LongTailPro review and find out how it can help you without wasting any more time.

LongTailPro Reviews and Features

LongTailPro is a computer keyword research tool running on Adobe Air software (works on Windows & Mac).

It is a paid tool that costs $ 47 / month.

I suggest you sign up for their beta to try it out yourself while reading this review and tutorial.

One of the great things about LongTailPro is that you don’t need to be an SEO master to use this tool. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. You should be able to use it very quickly.

But is it bitter as advertised?


Here are some of the success reports from a blogger who started using LongTailPro for keyword research:


The tool is more of an SEO tool than a keyword research tool, as it is packed with tons of features. Here are a few of the features that will make you want to try it out right away:

-Create multiple Projects. (It is possible to create different campaigns for different websites. This will help you follow the plan)
-Generate keywords based on seed keywords. (Learn to use this feature after the review below.)
-Export keywords in Excel spreadsheets.
-Enter keywords into LongTailPro.
-Find long-tail highs – CPC keywords (which will be great for increasing AdSense revenue).
-Found domain names. (If you are creating a micro-niche blog, you can use LongTailPro to suggest available, keyword-rich domain names.)
-Check the Google, Yahoo, and Bing rankings for your keywords.
-Check out keyword competition.
-Favorite your best keywords.
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A guide to using the LongTailPro keyword research tool

Head over to LongTailPro.com and spend a $ 1 10-day trial with all the features you need to get started.

He first thing that you need to do here is to create a campaign.

Remember, the country you choose is the search country for your keyword research.

After creating the campaign, it’s straightforward, as the rest of the LTP interface (LongTailPro) is easy to use and self-explanatory.

Add seed keyword:

This is where you will start your keyword research.

You can use it for your existing website or use it to find a new micro niche website. I want you to pay special attention to the filter section, as here you will discover CPC-based keywords.

You can define a minimum CPC for keywords.

If you want to find long-tail keywords, you should select the “Words” section and enter the minimum number of words to search.

For example, I use seed keywords “Affiliate marketing”. (Affiliate Or Adsense: What is the best option for you)

Click on “Generate Keywords” and LongTailPro will start doing all the hard work for you. It will take a few minutes to give you results, so in the meantime, usually enjoy a cup of coffee.

Here is what my results page shows. It found many keywords based on my filter (CPC):

Here you can sort listings based on CPC, local & global search. Before you move forward, filter out irrelevant keywords by clicking on the “X”. This will help you organize and keep your keyword list clean.

Now click on any keyword that you find useful for your micro niche sites, and it will take you to the competitor analysis page.

When you are in a competitive niche, you need to pay attention to specific factors.

For example, it will be easier to outrank any competition with less backlink and domain authority.

LongTailPro Competitor Analysis allows you to check all essential details.

Note the screenshot below and see how easily it finds a profitable keyword, “low hanging”.

Here’s how you can find a list of highly profitable keywords for your niche website.

Remember to maximize “FIlte” in “Campain settings” and use “X” each time you create a clean keyword list.

Once you are going through the same process several times, go back to “Keyword Research” and click “Export” to export your final keywords to an Excel file.

By now, you have learned how to use some of the LongTailPro features.

Now let me show you what their platinum feature can do for you.

LongTailPlatinum will help organize everything for you. This offers essential features like:

Keyword competition test (Avg. KC)
Favorite your best keywords
Enter up to 10,000 keywords at a time
While purchasing LongTailPro, you will receive a professional monthly plan that allows 12,500 keywords per month.

You will see a column for your favorite keywords (“Favorites”), and on the keyword results page, please favorite any keyword of your choice (see above screenshot).

Check keyword competitiveness

This feature will find very useful as this will allow you to choose the best keywords for your website without wasting too much time. LongTailPlatinum, you will find the columns “Avg. KC” on the “Keyword Research” and “Competitor Analysis” pages.

This is where Avg differs. What does KC mean:

0 to 10 – no competition
10 to 20 – competition is shallow
20 to 30 – intense competition
30 to 40 – moderate competition
40 to 50 – the game is somewhat high
50 to 60 – the game is very high
60 to 70 – the game is very high
70 to 100 – don’t even think about it!
This will make it much easier for you to choose which keywords to rank based on their competitiveness quickly.

LongTailPro keyword ranking checks feature.

Note: This feature is not available in their cloud version. I got in touch with their team to find out if they are adding this feature anytime soon.

This is one of the least talked about features of LTP. Most bloggers are using LongTailPro just for keyword research and keyword competitiveness testing.

But this feature is exciting.

Helps you check keyword rankings in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) easily directly from your computer. There is no limit here, and as many domains are up to you.


LongTailPlatinum is a keyword research tool for brilliant and functional bloggers.

No matter what type of website you have, LTP will help you find the best keywords you want for your blog to increase more traffic and generate more income in whatever method you choose.

If you have a blog where your primary source of income is AdSense, use this tool to find long-tail keywords with a high AdSense CPC value. Remember to install an Adsense theme to optimize ads.

At $ 47 / month, this investment is well worth your money.

Please share with me your thoughts on LongTailPro. If you are already a Longtail Pro trial user, please tell me how you are using LongTailPro for your online success? Submit your feedback in the comments below.

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