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LucidChart Group Buy

LucidChart: Free, powerful, online chart drawing tool

The strength of this service is that it does not need installation. Can work anytime and anywhere with just an Internet connection, operates on HTML5, so it is swift and stable. The tools on the interface do. The layout is neat, scientific, has a lot of diagramming features and is easy to use (can drag and drop objects). Especially the service has many versions for users to choose, including session Free version.

If you often have to work with diagrams, charts, mind maps, … . Then you will not be far from Microsoft Visio, the SmartDraw software. However, for some reason, you cannot use this software, you still have an alternative solution, which is to use LucidChart online service. For a free account, you can create basic diagrams and charts; insert 60 graphic objects per Document. And get 25MB of online storage.

First, your access to and click the Sign Up Free button, then click Sign Up Now in the Free box to sign up for a free account.

The next page appears, enter the information First name – first name, Last name – last name, Username – username. Email – email address, Password (Repeat Password) – enter a password, check the box I agree to the Terms of Service, click Register.

In the document management window,

You see the menus Documents, Team, Community, Forums, Account, Preferrals. And below the menu bar are three features: New Folder – create a new folder, Visio Import – import the file of the section Microsoft Visio software (VDX format), New document – complete an original form. On the right is the Preview pane for previewing the record, below is the Edit Document features – document editing. Rename Document – renaming Document, Delete Document – deleting a copy. Convert to Template – converting diagram template, … Features will appear when you select a document in the My Documents pane.

-To create a new diagram, click New Document and then select a type of map in the Categories category, including All Categories – display all sample diagrams. Drawings – Venn chart, Flowcharts – progress chart ( flowcharts). Mind Maps – mind maps. Network Diagrams – network diagrams, Org Charts – organization chart, Software/web – algorithm diagram and web diagram; UML – draw UML diagrams (tissue uniform language visualization), Uncategorized – genealogical tree.

-In the main interface of the service

You are provided with a toolbar at the top; on the left are the shape libraries: Standard – necessary objects, Flowcharts – diagrams shapes, Containers – collapsible profiles; Shapes – basic shapes, and Users image – loading images up service; and a toolbar on the right containing the Navigator features – navigation bar; Color Palette – colour palette, History – restoring previous actions, Master Pages – creating an original diagram, Demo Controls – view diagram full screen. Note, you click Manage Library button to add other image libraries such as MPMN, Cisco Networks Icons, Data Flow, Entity Relationship, …

-On the diagram template of the service,

You double-click on each object on the diagram to edit the text content on that object. You use the editing features of the three items Text Format, Alignment, Paragraph on the toolbar, for example, choose to add more fonts to change the font, select Text Color to change the font colour, … When hovering over the pictures. On the diagram, there will appear a triangle icon in the corners; you can increase or decrease the size of the shape by stretching these corners. The Block Default section on the toolbar helps to specify the background colour; the density of the border, the type of fill colour for image objects on the diagram.

Suppose you need to add shape objects to the map. In that case, you drag and drop them from the picture libraries into the workspace. Then resize them accordingly, click and hold the circle dot in the corners of the shape. And then drag them to position need to link or can use the tools in the Line Defaults (on the toolbar) to create links between the pictures. Alternatively, you can use the Master Pages feature to create a page containing the original diagram; and then apply it to many other pages. To do this, you click the A-shaped icon in the black paper (on the toolbar on the right); then draw the full diagram on this page, click the Apply button in the Master Pages dialogue box. Then, click the New button, and you will have a new page containing the created diagram.

-After creating the diagram

You click on the Share button and choose one of the four sharing methods: Invite user – send by Email, Publish online – share the link on the internet, share on Facebook – share via social networks Facebook, share on Twitter – share via social networks Twitter. In the form of sharing Publish online, you will have the following options: Web Page – web address to created diagram, PDF – PDF file download location, Share in Community – share with the Community. LucidChart service (you need to choose a schematic format, click Share Document, and then click See it in the Community), PDF / Image – download the page containing the diagram in pdf, png, jpeg (press the Publish Page button, select the Page under Page to publish and the Format to publish in Format), Image – download a portion of The Page contains the diagram with png, jpeg format (click Publish Selection, choose the Format in the Format box, click Select Area and Publish to select the region and publish).

Draw charts, diagrams online
If you have not completed the diagram in time. You press the Save button to save or press the Page button. Select Save As to save with a different name.