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What is Lumen5?

Whether you are a creative, an enterprise brand, or an organization, Lumen5 has the right solution. It’s powered by AI and designed for business. It gives you a platform to create social media content, so you can focus on telling your story. And it helps you scale your business.

Create short videos

Whether you want to create a short video for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can do it in just minutes with the help of Lumen5. This web-based video editor is perfect for businesses on a budget. It’s also easy to use and has quick customer support.
The best thing about this online tool is that it’s incredibly intuitive. It uses machine learning to pick the appropriate images and text to help you create a visually appealing video. It also has an automatic workflow that helps you create an effective video in just a few minutes.
The first step is to import your content. You can either copy it from an offline document or paste it directly into the editor. You can also choose to upload your media. You can add your logo and watermark or change the font, style, and colors. You can even edit the call to action.
The next step is to write a script. Then you can use the storyboard feature to help you layout your content. You can add music, images, or videos. You can also merge two or more clips into one. You can also edit the background and animation styles. It’s important to note that the video can be downloaded and edited later. You can also adjust the length of your text and change the position.
When creating a video, the time you have to plan is critical. You should ensure that you have the right length and know what copyright restrictions may apply to the content you’re using. It’s also important to consider that viewers retain up to ninety-five percent of a video’s message.
If you are starting, you can start with a pre-designed template. These offer a pre-designed color palette and pre-made background and text options. You can change the style and colors to match your brand.
The other option is to create a video from your text. This is particularly useful if you’re a blogger or writer. You can create an engaging video with the help of Lumen5. This feature also allows you to paste content from an offline document manually. You can also use RSS feeds to import content.
Add logos and watermarks to stamp your identity on every video.
Putting together a video takes a significant amount of time and money. Plenty of free and inexpensive tools are available to help you create a memorable video in a fraction of the time and effort required by traditional methods. One such tool is the Lumen5 app, which is free to download and uses super-secure encryption to ensure your content stays safe. It also has a robust library of templates and visuals. The software’s best feature is customizing your video by adding text, images, and more. Its user interface is a breeze, and the end product is ready to share. The app even recommends a few of the best video formats for your use. The Lumen5 app can save you hours of tinkering, giving you more time to get your message out there.
Lumen5’s top-notch feature set makes it a must-have for any serious video producer. You can even sign up for their Professional service to give your videos that extra special touch. Among its other features is the ability to add watermarks to your video. A quick search on the app will reveal a gallery of images and assets you can slap on your video, including your logo, for all to see. You can also customize the look of your video, from color schemes to background overlays. You can use the app to create a slideshow video with text and image overlays. It’s also a good idea to use the tool to create short-form videos focusing on the tips and tricks of the trade. It’s a great way to boost engagement, particularly on social media. A cool video to share with your audience is the best way to ensure your message gets noticed.

Share videos across social media

Creating videos for social media is an important way to build your online presence. 60% of marketers used videos last year. However, producing and sharing videos can be time-consuming. Luckily, Lumen5 lets you create content in a matter of minutes. It’s a great tool for marketers and bloggers, especially those on a tight budget.
Lumen5’s interface is easy to navigate. You can search for videos on your topic or use their library of thousands of images and royalty-free sound effects. In addition, you can add captions and subtitles to your video simultaneously. And you can resize the video to any size or dimension you like.
You can also edit your images and fonts. The style tab allows you to customize your animation style and background color. You can also choose a layout for your video.
You can try a free plan if you’re starting. There are limited features available, and you won’t be able to remove the watermark. If you want more features, you can upgrade to the Promo Plan. The Standard Plan starts at $99, and the Pro Plan at $359 per month. With the Pro Plan, you can create higher-resolution videos.
Lumen5’s workflows are designed to help you create visually appealing videos. This is helpful for business owners, writers, marketers, and educators. The platform can convert blog posts and content into short videos. You can even manually copy content from offline documents.
You can create videos up to five minutes long. You can also use the video creation feature to combine several videos. For example, you can use a video of a company’s launch to promote another product. You can also add text to stock footage. And you can upload your photos and videos to your account. You can even create a logo.
You can share your project directly from your dashboard without re-enter a password. You can also use a single sign-on to log in with your email address. You can also download your video to watch later.