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MERCH INFORMER can be incredibly magical. You can make a lot of money from it, can confidently stand out among thousands of other sellers, or can also be sunk by the sun. Have you ever wondered why I don’t sell shirts as well as other merchandise in merchandise? No matter how much effort you invest in it, you still cannot find true love in selling shirts. Well, one of the reasons for this tragedy is that you don’t know how to SEO your items. A delicious combination of keywords may be enough to turn you from stink ants to true gods. Sounds easy? Let’s find out how to SEO for Merch by Amazon.

The first problem: What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it covers all the activities that drive traffic through search to your site.

Referring to MERCH INFORMER, what has brought breakthrough traffic to your site, is that the article content is easy to catch search traffic. More importantly, they lead to your Merch shirt. The easier the shirt is to find, the more people can see it, and the more people buy it. If people liked it and bought it a lot, the easier it would be to jump to the front page of Amazon’s search results. Amazon’s goal is to sell, so the system will advertise hot goods that customers are buying a lot. As a circle, hot goods will be prioritized and more comfortable to trade. It would help if you pushed your shirt into that circle, which is MERCH INFORMER SEO.

The biggest question arises: what factors influence MERCH INFORMER by Amazon the most?

  • Name of the shirt
  • Brand
  • Describe
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion ratio (CR)
  • Best Seller Rank (BSR)
  • Price / Price

All of the factors listed above are dependent on Keywords and Keyword Research. Based on the ideas you want to play with, the keywords can change accordingly. So it would help if you clarified the following questions:

  • Which shirts have come up with the same idea, and for how long?
  • What do they focus on?
  • What slang words do they use?
  • Who are their opponents?

Once you know the above, it is much easier to reach what customers are looking for by matching precisely what they fill in the search box into your product.

How effective SEO for MERCH INFORMER?

Optimize shirt names

The shirt’s title name is the most critical factor in Amazon Product Listing. It will have the most significant impact on SEO efficiency as well as shirt sales. Like a double-edged sword, it can bring your shirt to the top of the search, but can also sink to the bottom of the pot if not optimized properly.

The title should be no more than 115 – 144 characters long, and critical information should revolve around your main keywords. It may include manufacturers, materials, key features, packaging information, and other targeted keywords targeting Amazon BSRs.

The keywords should also not be too popular, avoid having to deal with hundreds of thousands of other competitors who use that keyword. No need to work hard, work smart. Ask yourself to find this shirt, what keywords will you search for as a customer? Once you’ve identified them, squeeze all of those keywords into your shirt, and your shirt will be easier to sell than ever.

For example, you just finished designing a cat shirt, and you would like to sell it. What title will you use?

You can see the countless results found. And sadly, the shirt you design will be drowned in this amount of products. The harsh truth is that you will hardly ever get a sale with this title.

So a little more like this?

Better but still vague. Please try to be more specific?


It seems close to okay …

And here, only 64 results were found. Fighting 64 opponents seemed a lot easier than the close to 15,000 in the first result. However, another sad reason is that the keyword that you use to find is not right, no one can find it, the shirt to do about them is also a few, so few people see it. So, being the king of the blind land doesn’t make you rich. If you rule in this 65-t-shirt kingdom, and no one comes to visit, it will be rotten. When you concretize your goals, find keywords that people are easy to find, even if they are sometimes irrelevant to your topic, such as some hot keywords today like Unicorn, birthday gift, gift, present, etc.

Brand your Merch shirt

With each shirt, the Brand (Brand) may differ on each sweater, depending on the product and its design taste. For each product, for each shirt grouping, you should have an appropriate Brand name for them. Because the Brand name is the second biggest thing (after the shirt) that appears on the customer’s search page, you should arrange the layout and keywords well to attract the most customers. Your click-through rate will improve. Thus, SEO for Merch by Amazon is not difficult, as long as you know what you are doing.

Optimized shirt description

You have two bullet points in the shirt description to fill in, so make the best use of them. This is the place that determines the sale of the shirt. You have an optimal headline for your shirt. So you must know the most important keywords, and possibly, the most money-making keywords. You can find synonyms for them and develop them into sentence structure. Do not try to persuade customers to buy; describe your best shirt. Please provide useful information that does not appear on the shirt. Customers will know more about the shirt and will tend to be more likely to order it.

Remember, it is better to use many mid-range keywords with a moderate page edge than using a few hot keywords with fierce competition. We also need to consider using keywords that are still popular and should not use keywords that no one wants to find.

There are several tools available to help you find such keywords.

Merch research tool

One of them is SpyAMZ, which is the largest database of MERCH INFORMER shirts in the world with nearly 9 million shirts. Incredible tools, easy to use, attractive interface, and top-notch functions such as keyword research, daily rank tracking, trending shirts, bestsellers, mutant shirts, and more. …

Referring to MERCH INFORMER by Amazon, it is not related to the keyword field but is firmly coordinated. Let’s take a look at the CTR and CR criteria.

Assuming that you are reading this article and you still do not know anything about them, then I will explain to them as follows:

CTR stands for Click Through Rate, and when it comes to MERCH INFORMER, it is the ratio of people who click on your shirt to the total number of people who see your shirt on the search results page. Amazon places great emphasis on this factor because if someone clicks on your products, it proves to be very attractive and has the potential to sell. You find keywords with high CTR to immediately apply to your products.

Conversion Rate (CR) is another equally solemn side. If people aren’t interested in your products at all, they won’t even bother to click on them. Therefore, you will not convert anyone (Convert – convert customer views into customers). Back above, you must use keywords for the product delicately, carefully, and systematically. From there, be sure to cover all possible questions from your customers. Thus, you are already one step ahead of all your competitors.

In the end, the Price / Rate relationship is pretty straightforward. If customers find that your shirt’s price is affordable and appropriate, they will like it, and it is easier for you to evaluate better. And of course, good reviews always lead to higher sales; it’s a cyclical circle.

Conclusion on SEO for MERCH INFORMER

Everything depends on your keyword combination and optimization. From there, they will lead to significant effects on your product, like more views, higher traffic, strong sales, and more. All are just on a small line only. If you do not do well, you will be marked as keyword stuffing and badly wrong rate, even banning MERCH INFORMER

A few of the main points I have listed above are also in the detailed article How to find the right keyword and use keyword with MERCH INFORMER. You absolutely can visit and find yourself the best keyword combination! Some of the main points that I have covered here had already been quoted in the previous article on How to market your merch by amazon t-shirts effectively, so if you are interested, you are more than welcome to take a look! There is also a popular and helpful English article for Merch beginners here: The Ultimate Getting Started Guide for Merch By Amazon. Good luck