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What is Netflix? Everything you need to know to use Netflix

What is Netflix? In the era of booming technology today, online video viewing service is no longer too unfamiliar, but even becomes extremely popular. In Vietnam, there are some online movies watching sites such as HDViet, HDonline or Phimmoi, … However, the brand is more prevalent in this field, and if you are a true “movie nerd,” you cannot. Does not know the name it.

Netflix has become the world’s most popular online video streaming service, even in some countries, it has become a must-have standard when choosing to buy users’ entertainment equipment. In Vietnam, the name Netflix is ​​becoming more popular and increasingly used. So what is it? How to use it? Marketing will answer all through the article below.
Table of Contents

1 What is Netflix?
2 Free 30-day Netflix experience subscription guide
3 Cost of using and experiencing Netflix
4 How to watch content on Netflix.
5 Advantages and Disadvantages
5.1 Advantages
5.2 Disadvantages
6 How to find Netflix login password
7 Frequently Asked Questions
7.1 What is Netflix for?
7.2 How to install Netflix on TV?
7.3 Is Netflix free? Can I try it out?
7.4 Can cancel Netflix no
7.5 In Vietnam, watch it have Vietnamese subtitles
7.6 Is Netflix the same as Spotify or Apple music?
7.7 How often does it filter content?
7.8 How the fees on it are calculated

What is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​an online video streaming service from the US, currently available in 130 countries worldwide, including Vietnam. It has a similar way of operating to some other Vietnamese platforms such as HDViet or FPT Play. Still, the Netflix video store has a much more “huge” property, not to mention that all videos have full copyright of the same quality. Higher quality.

This also has an application for users to watch videos on many different devices, from laptops, smartphones, tablets to smart TVs, or even game consoles. Just owning an intelligent machine capable of connecting to the Internet can easily enjoy Netflix’s huge video store.

An overview of Netflix Inc:

Established: August 29, 1997; 22 years ago in Scotts Valley, California

Headquarters: Los Gatos, California, USA

Founders: Reed Hastings, Marc Randolph

Operators: Reed Hastings (President, CEO), Ted Sarandos (Commercial Director)

Industry: Entertainment, mass media

Product: Streaming media, video on demand

Services: Film producer, film distributor, TV program


30-day free Netflix experience subscription guide

Once you understand what Netflix is, you need an account to start using the service. When you sign up for an account, it also offers an additional 30 days of the free trial, and you can cancel at any time. To sign up for a it account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Netflix homepage and select the button “Get Started 30 Days Free.”

Step 2: Select the service package that suits you.

Step 3: Enter registration information including Email and password

Step 4: Select the form of payment, enter card number information, and select “Activate membership.”

So you have officially become a member of it with one month of free service, do not hesitate to enjoy Netflix’s huge video store right away. Don’t forget that the it app is also cross-platform, so you can also enjoy it through your smart device.

How to watch content on Netflix.

After registering as a member, you need to pay a fee corresponding to the service package reported to watch Netflix’s content. The subscription fee will be calculated monthly and not the first month after registration. Users can use the account to log in on many different devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, … to watch content on Netflix. Still, there will be restrictions when many people tend simultaneously, depending on the service package you have subscribed to.

For example, suppose you subscribe to the Mobile or Basic plan. In that case, it will be limited to a single viewer, meaning assuming you are watching it on your laptop, the other person will not be able to watch it with that account on any other device. Surely it must be very confident with its service to give users a 30-day free service and cancel at any time without any cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of Netflix

Every product or service will have its pros and cons, and Netflix is ​​no exception. Let’s try to decipher the pros and cons of it and why it has become so popular.

  • Watch the show instantly: As a leader in digital content streaming plus not renting out movies, it users can watch any movie anywhere, anytime. I want. Only one condition is to sign up for a membership and pay a monthly fee
  • Diverse in movie options: Possessing a vast treasure of high-quality videos and movies. Surely it will satisfy anyone who loves movies no matter how difficult they are. There are full options for users to choose from blockbuster movies, theaters or dramas, sitcoms, cartoons to it documentaries. Not to mention the speed of film downloading by it in Vietnam is breakneck and smooth.
  • Cross-platform: As mentioned above, it is ​​an application that supports multiple platforms so users can enjoy movies with many different devices connected to the Internet, from laptops, smart TVs to personal tablet or smartphone.
  • Intuitive, efficient movie recommendation system: Netflix’s technical team has built a system for in-depth analysis of user behavior based on viewing history (also known as it cookies). This will help Netflix make recommendations for movies that match the user’s tastes not to waste time and still find movies that match their preferences.
  • The first-month free trial: This is an outstanding advantage of it compared to other video streaming services. it is ​​willing to allow its users to use the service completely free of charge for the first month, and they can cancel at any time during that period at no additional cost.
  • Cost: Netflix is ​​a brand from the US, so the service packages’ price is also somewhat “chatty” than the pure Vietnamese platforms like HDViet or FPT Play. Not to mention that to use it, users will have to pay a 100% fee, but there is no free version, and to register an account, you need to have an international payment card. This will cause many difficulties because not everyone owns this card.
  • Subtitles/dubbing: Currently, movies on it only support subtitles, mainly in English, and a few other languages ​​without Vietnamese subtitles plus no voiceover function. In Vietnamese. This will make it difficult for audiences who are not fluent or knowledgeable in English.
  • Movie warehouse: Due to US origin, Netflix’s movie store will mainly consist of odd movies, movies, and TV shows from the US. There are no audiences who want to watch movies and shows from other countries such as Korea, Japan, or even Vietnam. Also, despite owning a large movie inventory, Netflix’s movie update speed is not fast, mainly for people who like old movies.

How to find the password to log into Netflix

When you forget the Netflix login password, don’t worry because you can completely reset your password using a registered Email or via the phone number registered with it. If you have forgotten both your phone number and your email account, you will need to provide a lot more information to recover your account.

You can follow these steps to get the password back via Email.

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Select the option to reset the password by Email.
Step 3: Enter your email address and select Email me.
After doing the above three steps, you can go to Email to get the link to log into Netflix to create a new password for yourself.

* Note: If you choose the item where devices must be re-logged in with a new password when resetting the password, this process may take up to 8 hours to disconnect all the tools you signed in before.

Frequently Asked Questions on Netflix

What does Netflix have?

There is a wide variety of content on Netflix, including movies, movies, online TV shows, science films, and documentaries. However, It’s main product is ​​still American movies, not Korean, Japanese, Thai, … The vast movie store on it gives you the freedom to choose, but some movies are not available because of competition between the service provider.

How to install Netflix to TV?

Currently, most TVs have Netflix apps in addition to the main screen. If you do not have it installed, you can completely go to the app store on your TV to search and install.
Is Netflix free? Can I try it out?
From February 2020, Netflix stopped providing a one-month trial service to the Vietnamese market. If you want to watch, have to pay the subscription fee.

Can cancel Netflix not

Since Netflix has no contracts or ties, you can easily cancel your account with just a few clicks. And the cancellation doesn’t cost anything.

In Vietnam, watch Netflix has Vietnamese subtitles or not.

Currently, most movies on Netflix have Vietnamese language support. You can quickly check if your film has Vietnamese subtitles or not by clicking the icon above or below the screen; the dialog will display the appropriate languages ​​for the location as well as the language you install. . If the Vietnamese language appears here, you can choose to get the best experience.
Is it like Spotify or Apple music?
Great content library, but it is ​​not as stable as other music streaming services. Netflix’s agreements with content owners are also more comprehensive, so the inventory of shows and dramas will be added and reduced continuously.

How often does Netflix filter the content?

Netflix continually updates its content library changes; it will be done daily or weekly. Users will see the updated content at the beginning of the month.

How are the fees on Netflix calculated?

You can choose the date of the charge by membership status and by payment method. Usually, the Netflix fee is calculated from the date of registration or the last day of the month if your registration date is 31st.


Hopefully, through the above article, you have understood what it is ​​and all the necessary information to use this service. As technology develops daily, online video streaming services like Netflix are becoming more and more popular. In addition to cross-platform support, viewers can use Netflix’s services on various smart devices anytime they want. If you’re going to switch the wind too watching American movies, then surely it will be a service “worth the money” when owning a large movie warehouse with high quality, worthy for you to experience and try once…