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What is PicMonkey tool? How to buy a cheap PicMonkey account?

PicMonkey is a pretty “famous” photo editing tool on the market today. For your article to attract users, the image part is also a factor that needs to be noticed. Currently, a series of photo editing software is born because of its high usefulness, especially in marketing. Most people use it to create quality images for promoting business products or posting them on websites and social networks.

For that reason, today, Rum will introduce you to the ultimate online photo editing tool, which is Picmonkey. Follow this article to learn more about the Picmonkey tool!


  • What is the Picmonkey tool?
  • Main features of Picmonkey
  • How to buy PicMonkey account with too low price?

What is the Picmonkey tool?

PicMonkey is a pretty “famous” photo editing tool on the market today. The device has a straightforward interface, with just a few clicks you can customize, edit as well as use its features such as crop, lighten, frame and blur, snapshot. Users need to upload pictures from their computer, PicMonkey will help you to produce a “standard image without editing”. Interesting is not it!

Main features of Picmonkey

As one of the online image editing tools that are highly appreciated by users over the years, PicMonkey owns many animated features, simple operations such as rotate, crop images to scale (freely or given), add more beautiful filters in just a few mouse clicks. You can unleash your creativity with a variety of effects, many choices.

The advantage of this application is that you can use your photos by uploading them from your computer’s memory or via online data networks (Facebook, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Flickr). In addition to the basic tape features, PicMonkey has many funny filters and stickers for users to decorate their photos.

PicMonkey allows you to edit photos according to your purposes:

  • Edit: This feature includes necessary online editing steps, custom processing images or adding text and effects.
  • Touch Up: New interface, beautifying images with editing function keys such as skin lightening, erasing freckles, whitening teeth, … perhaps this is the function that attracts most users.
  • Design: The application provides six sizes for users to choose and design photos according to many unique and novel motifs.
  • Collage: Allows users to collage photos with many different types of frames, various sizes.

For everyday editing purposes, the tool has the following essential items:

  • Raw Edit: allows users to perform simple operations such as rotate, crop, custom size adjustment and more.
  • Effects: unique photo effects under eight different themes, each with beautiful results.
  • Text: Provide more than 100 types of fonts for you to insert text into pictures
  • Overlays: insert images, icons and multiple stickers and pictures.
  • Frames: arbitrary rich frames to use.
  • Textures: Various styles to choose from to make the photo more beautiful.
  • Themes: many unique and fancy themes with many different themes.

Once completed, users can share their works on any social networking site like Twitter, Facebook to show off to friends. With PicMonkey photo editing tools, you can save your time thanks to its various features.

How to buy PicMonkey account with too low price?

To use all the features as well as the collection of themes and effects of PicMonkey, you need to pay a pretty expensive amount each month. This is also a weakness of this tool. However, you can ultimately reduce this cost when joining our ahrefs generic purchase package. With only 200k per month, you can freely use all the features in the application. We also provide you with a set of 20 other tools to unleash creativity and investment in your articles. If you have any further questions, leave a comment below or contact AEDigi immediately, our Customer Care team will contact you directly and give more specific advice on the Ahrefs generic purchase package as well as the public. This PicMonkey tool!