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Hi. Today, I will guide you, who have been doing SEO, use the RegsiterCompass tool to find expired domain names for SEO.

RegisterCompass is a premium website ($ 35 / month), but it can be said that the money is worth the value you get because Register Compass is one of the BEST sites about Domain Auction that I know. It supports a lot of filters to save you as much effort as possible; you can see the picture below:

Instructions for Finding Expired Domains with Register Compass

This is the interface of Register Compass. There are a few essential factors that you need to be aware of when looking for Domain Auction:

  • Google PageRank Filter – This filter helps you filter out the PR domains that are not suitable for your budget. Very important. I recommend that those who are new to doing should start with Domain PR 2 – 3 first. It is ideal for you to try first instead of spending $ 200 – $ 500 in although you do not know what the results will be (Read the manual carefully before using, you lose money … don’t care).
  • Domain Type Specific Filter – This is the place for you to configure pricing, deadlines … With Register Compass, you can use all three methods: Domain Auction, Domain Expired, and Domain Expiring, but I recommend you use Register Compass with Domain Auction only. Note that the Expires next (Domain Auction) section should be left to 1 day, because when the bid is close to the expiration time, the auction will START, so you should limit the expiration time of The auction is only 24 hours away for best.
  • Indexed Page Filter – There is a slight difficulty breathing when you spend $ 500 to buy 1 Domain to be a satellite, but do not see forever …. 1 billion Index. Check out that Domain has been … Penalty. This filter was created to help you avoid that. It also has to buy Index only.
  • SEOmoz Filter – I don’t understand why Register Compass put Domain Authority into Filter, but I forgot about Page Authority (much more critical than Domain Authority). Anyway, it’s OK to use it.
  • Domain Backlink Filter – This is up to you; I usually check the Backlink Profile in Ahrefs, so I don’t pay much attention to this section. This part gropes on its own
  • MajesticSEO Details – Throw out the throw away. Don’t look much. Have you seen the last two lines? Citation Flow and Trust Flow. These are two indexes to evaluate the popularity and confidence of a domain. Filter 2 lines are enough.

After playing with all those filters, press OK, and you have a list of Delicious-Looking Domains. Delicious or not, then later will clear: 3

The parameters you need to know:

Domain Authority – Page Authority

To put it simply and briefly:

  • Domain Authority: The strength of the Domain
  • Page Authority: The resilience of PAGE

Note: many people misunderstand that Domain Authority is the strength of the HOMEPAGE. That is entirely FALSE. The power of the HomePage is the PAGE AUTHORITY of that HomePage. And Domain Authority shows the average strength of the Pages of that Domain.

Citation Flow – Trust Flow

In a nutshell and… simple,

  • Citation Flow: Domain popularity
  • Trust Flow: Domain authority

CF and TF are two critical factors for 1 Domain to do PBN. When we consider each Backlink as one vote, of course, the option of a famous and reliable person will have more weight than one vote of… you. Similarly, with a high CF, we consider it one voice of a famous person, and a high TF is equivalent to 1 option of a high reputation.

When you Research Domain, you will notice domains with relatively high CF but low TF. It is similar to when you go to the polls, but you get … Le Van Luyen voted for that. If that Domain has a high TF but low CF, no one will know whether the vote is reputable. Try to balance the two indices, or if that doesn’t work, remember to prioritize TF over CF.

Backlink Profile

One of the other very important factors about Domain is Backlink Profile. When you use PBN, you have indirectly transferred a part of Backlink from Domain in your PBN to Money Site, so is it sad that you are about to send a bunch of backlinks to… Sex to your Money Site?

There are three significant indicators that I want to list below when you are interested in Backlink Profile. When you check Domain quality, NEVER check these three metrics. THAT IMPORTANT:

  • Anchor Text – When you use Ahrefs, click on the Anchor Text first to look at what Backlinks that Domain uses. Note that ONLY use Domains with ENGLISH Anchor Text. Next note, REMOVE immediately if you see that the Domain uses Anchor Text with the language … MEDIUM. Reason?
    Because 96.69% of the Backlink from China are SUPER SPAM quality, transferring poor quality backlinks via your Money Site is only DAMAGE!
  • Referring Domain – This is quite an important part when you check Backlink. Domain diversity is a factor ng is quite large to the DomainDomain’s quality, so never let the ratio between Total Backlinks and Total Domains is too large.
  • Referring IP – Similar to Domain Referring, IP diversity is one of Backlink’s most essential elements. It is the main reason why you cannot use a regular Host for PBN. This will be discussed in the following articles
  • These are the three factors I want to mention. You may know, but you often do not appreciate Backlink Profile when checking Domain, because the usual trend of people is to like to believe in indicators that have a certain standard, such as DA, PA, CF, TF. . However, never forget the Backlink Profile if you want to own a right Domain.

Domain Registration

After checking, the remaining job is… to buy. Of course, in case people want to build a PBN if you check for fun… it’s OK to skip. Here are some reputable domain providers that you can glance at:

  • Namecheap – Free Whois Guard, but the domain price is a bit expensive.
  • Namesilo – AnhThien8 or buy here, cheap, Free Whois.
  • iPage – Buy Host get a free domain name for only $ 21, suitable for building satellite site

How to Use UK RegisterCompass

The above article is from my blog specializes in Affiliate, and I often use RegisterCompass to buy good domain names to build PBN or build a site to attach Adword only.

Usage details are as follows:

First, you need to spend $ 35 to buy a subscription to this guy or buy a group-buy register compass through your service here.

Then, open the site and select Domain Search as shown below:

You have to choose the filters you want and search. Mainly, often searches for domains with index DA> 19, TF, CF> 9. The price of domain names is also relatively low.

Next, recheck Whois these domain names to make sure they can be bought, see the parameters Majestic, fields, see the waybackmachine to see what the site’s history is about can be rebuilt or not. New build but in the same niche.

If all is OK, will go to the iPage to register the domain name + hosting to build a satellite.

Uses Mythemshop Theme to build satellite site; each site has its interface.