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Account Scribd Premium – The most extensive and best digital library available today

Scribd is the most extensive and best digital library available today. You can read thousands of e-books, hundreds of magazines, and listen to many audiobooks, play games, entertainment, .. and many other useful features. Perhaps Scribd is on its way to becoming an e-library ecosystem ?!

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Experience the Scribd Premium account
The birth history of
Scribd Perks – 7 free statements included with Scribd Premium
Sign up for a Scribd Premium account
Share the Scribd Premium account for free

Experience the Scribd Premium account

This article, I will share the experience with the latest updated Scribd Premium account: July 2020. (If you need to download an odd document from it, please like/share the article and leave a comment with a link to that document. I will reply to your comments within 24 hours).

Scribd is also known by many as “Netflix books.” But now it isn’t just an (electronic) book; you can find books, magazines, research papers, audiobooks, fitness exercises, games, and so much more.

At Scribd, I can read books through electronic publications or listen to audiobooks. With a Scribd Premium account ($ 8.99 a month), I have unlimited access to millions of e-books (over 1 million books), audiobooks, available references … compared to spending money on Amazon to buy a Kindle for under $ 10, it’s price is much lower.

Each month, the customer service team from Scribd creates a recommendation list. Shorten the time to find and select their own much.

The idea behind it is to change the way the world reads books. E-learning trends are evident in the organization on It .

The birth history of

Scribd was born in 2007, allowing anyone, anywhere, to share ideas with others via the InternetInternet. Six years later, in 2013, it started developing a monthly fee service. After that, Scribd began to provide audiobooks and magazines and electronic newspapers to add value to learning.

Currently, Scribd has about 800,000 monthly subscribers with total reading hours of more than 150,000,000 hours (statistics via it application installed on electronic devices). The founder of it is considered a young billionaire under 30 years old in many prestigious magazines.

With Scribd, you get unlimited access to both written and audiobooks, as well as a collection of other journals, documents, and gadgets.

This offers a 30-day trial for any user who signs up, requires a credit card (you can use the virtual Visa card to register also ok. I tried it.)

Scribd is a real threat to Amazon and Kindle. it’s growth over the past few years has been impressive. Every month, the reviews (reviews) that I read on the InternetInternet, it are getting better and better. it is posing a threat to the Amazon empire in the e-books and audiobooks business.

Of course, not everyone likes e-books. it cannot entice all users, especially users who are loyal to paper books like me. The feeling of reading paper books is still much better.

To me, holding a new book, opening it, inhaling the scent of paper is an exciting feeling that has never changed since I can read until now. On the other hand, paper books allow me to take better and more precise notes. Do any of you use a Samsung Galaxy Note? I hardly ever use the pen because it is too difficult to “note” as expected, playing with it. 🙂

Recently, there is a review of Scribd’s Audiobook that is more than the famous audiobook provider, Audible (the monthly rental is quite expensive, the $ 15 a month, the level of updates is similar, Audible is now owned. by Amazon).

It seems that Scribd is becoming the mega-giant in the online document space. In Vietnam, I know but hardly ever use it. I remember somewhere nearly a dozen times. The reason is not convenient to say here.

Scribd provides more than 130 prestigious magazines, including specialized magazines, business people, real estate, .. etc.

Scribd’s magazine list is divided into the following topics: Politics & Current Affairs, Science & Technology, Career & Money, Lifestyle, Sports & Recreation, Entertainment Health & Fitness. If you are a fan of famous economic magazines, then maybe Bloomberg Businessweek Time, Money, Fortune, People, Entrepreneur, Foreign Policy, and New York Magazine will be right for you.

I have not had time to explore it yet, but looking at the items listed above will please you (and save quite a bit compared to buying separately) unless you do not like reading on the device. Electronics.

April 2020 update: Scribd increased its trial period from 30 days to 60 days to support users affected by the COVID pandemic.

Scribd Perks – 7 free accounts included with Scribd Premium

May 2020 update: “Scribd Perks” is a new it feature, just launched in May 2020, allowing users access to Premium Education and Entertainment content.

Specifically, in addition to the millions of e-books, audiobooks, and magazines already in your it Premium account, you now have free access to music, movies, documentaries, manga, and comics. An educational game without paying any extra fees. it Perks is the result of Scribd’s collaboration with partners Pandora, TuneIn, Peak – Brain Training, CuriosityStream, CONTV + Comics, FarFaria, and MUBI.

Specifically, with a Scribd Premium account, you have free and unlimited access to the following statements (you have to pay for each account separately if you do not use it Premium):

FarFaria account
CuriosityStream account
ConTV + Comics account
MUBI account
Peak Pro account
TuneIn Premium account (must use VPN: USA)
Pandora Plus account
Perhaps it’s time for Scribd to become a complete ecosystem for students and users, where they can both learn (like a digital library), read (like a Kindle), and play games, solve the movie mind.

As of September 24, 2020, it will be the new owner of the sharing website.

Sign up for a Scribd Premium account

Scribd offers a 30-day free trial. You can sign up via Gmail, Facebook, as long as you have a MasterCard or Visa Card. It takes about 5 minutes to have an account.

April 14, 2020: The sharing of the it Premium account is suspended. However, if you need to (buy) use the it account with a cheaper fee, let me know. Currently, I sell (rent) a it Premium account that lasts from 1 month to 1 year at a fairly reasonable price.

Share the Scribd Premium account for free.

May 21, 2020: I reopened the short-term Scribd Premium account sharing (1 day to several days) to support those who need short-term use. Usage form: use on a web browser. Support condition: share this article for more people to know. How to receive account: contact me via the fan page.

May 28, 2020: The sharing of cookies on the it Premium account cannot avoid changing passwords and emails. Because Scribd does not have an account protection mechanism (protection is quite loose). I stopped sharing cookies. If you need to download this documents, please post requests, including document links and email below this article. I will send you the link to download the form on it, at least after 12 o’clock.

Update June 5, 2020: I continue to support you in downloading and sharing Scribd Premium documents. You can view other free shared resources on the share page: free premium account.

Update September 2020: I will not currently send it documents to your email. You post your request below and access the shared folder/file you require down to download it.
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