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Take control of your SEO campaign with SEOmonitor softwar

During the SEO process, you must regularly monitor and control to ensure your SEO campaign’s effectiveness. Sometimes, this job is quite tricky because rankings and SEO results change from day to day. It’s also challenging to assess the impact of the changes in SEO on your keyword rankings. However, with SEOmonitor software, you can easily control your SEO strategy and quickly improve SEO performance.

Outstanding features of the software SEOmonitor

Visibility Score

The impression score is an essential metric in SEO. Unlike keyword rankings, this metric tells you how many times users on a search results page see your website compared to the total number of searches for your keyword group.

The impression score is calculated based on two factors: your ranking and the total number of searches for your keyword group. Depending on your website’s rankings, SEOmonitor will estimate the number of people who see your website when searching for a specific set of keywords. The higher your rank, the higher your impression share will be; if you rank first, it will be 100%. This rate will decrease to 0% of your website is on the second page of search results.

Once you have an impression share, SEOmonitor multiplies it by the average total number of searches in a month, and you will get impression points.

This metric is handy if your group of keywords has a large number of keywords (hundreds or thousands of keywords). At this point, you cannot look up the ranking of each keyword per day. So this metric will give you an overview of all the keywords in the keyword group based on their ratio to total monthly searches.

The impression score will be updated daily by SEOmonitor, so you can quickly grasp the change in your ranking on the search results page, giving you better control over your SEO campaign.

Displays not-provided keywords

Since 2013, Google has started to encode organic search keywords. So the majority of your traffic in Google Analytics is marked as not-provided. This is a huge setback that can affect SEO campaign control. Because most of your traffic comes from organic search keywords, but you can’t see them in Google Analytics results, it’s also difficult to gauge how much traffic each keyword brings.

To solve this problem for you, SEOmonitor has built an algorithm that combines data between Google Search Console and Google Analytics to unlock the display of not-provided keywords. At the same time, SEOmonitor also helps you to separate brand keywords and non-branded keywords.

Prediction algorithm

For businesses, SEO isn’t just about bringing keywords to the top. SEO activity also aims to achieve commercial goals through an increase in traffic and conversion rates. Understanding this, SEOmonitor has added a unique feature: traffic prediction and conversion when you reach specific SEO goals.

This prediction algorithm works like this: First, SEOmonitor will measure the website’s traffic within 12 months (if you don’t do SEO). This will be the orange line in the chart below.

Then, SEOmonitor will ask you to set goals for each group of keywords (top 3, top 5, and top 10). After you place your goals, you click on the “update button,” the algorithm will predict how much traffic you will achieve while implementing SEO goals. That is the green line in the chart above.

Below the chart is a chart of the traffic that you can achieve without SEO and SEO.

To the right of the graph is a column of data, including traffic, conversions, total conversion rates, as well as Adwords value and performance when you hit your SEO goals.

Not only predictions, but this software also tracks, collects daily SEO data, and informs you how many percent of your goals you have achieved. From there, you can quickly optimize and control your SEO campaign to ensure you reach the goals you set.

Keyword events timeline

During the SEO process, you must regularly monitor changes in on-page and off-page factors and their impact on work results. Now you can capture these changes more quickly thanks to SEOmonitor’s keyword events timeline feature.

SEOmonitor will keep track of events in the SEO process that could affect keyword rankings. These events will be sorted in chronological order and accompanied by milestones in keyword rankings; these events may include changes to a landing page, title, description, changes from HTTP to https. Even SEOmonitor also records changes in the backlink system, such as adding or losing a specific backlink and anchor text and domain rating of the URL.

SEOmonitor also regularly updates other changing factors to ensure you can optimize and control the SEO campaign better.

In short:

No matter what stage of the campaign you are in, SEOmonitor will make it easier for you to track and control your SEO campaign.