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Best PHP Courses Skillshare 2019

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is one of the hottest Online technology schools today, next to Udemy School.

Here, you can meet many Bestselling authors who are famous names in all fields: Marketing, Business, SEO, especially favorite Designers and Developers.

Skillshare is an open Online School, which means that everyone can sign up for Teaching, as long as professional, visual, and sound quality (standard English) can be approved.

Choosing the best courses out of thousands is a real challenge for novices.

As for PHP, there are even hundreds of different long and short courses.

VHW will synthesize the best PHP courses at Skillshare with the following criteria: highest rating, updated content, and being taught by the most famous experts today:

1. Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites

  • Author: Brad Hussey
  • Duration: 6.5 hours
  • Object: Beginners

Brad Hussey, too familiar with those who know about online courses around the world, is a Bestselling author of Web Design, PHP, and WordPress at both Udemy and Skillshare as well as many other online schools.

Brad Hussey’s teaching style is energetic and receptive. The course performance images are lively. Even if you don’t hear English well, you can grasp the knowledge quickly through practice examples.

Comment: This is an excellent course for PHP beginners; Brad Hussey incorporates the basics from Syntax, Variables, Loop, Condition to functions, $ _GET, $ _POST into real projects from easy to difficult.

You’ve just learned while doing Real Projects, and when you’ve completed your course, you’ll be sure to have the foundation and motivation to get started on the more specialized courses below!

2. Create a Simple Blog CMS in PHP and MYSQL

  • Author: Danyal Fayyaz
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Subject: Intermediate

After completing Brad Hussey’s course, you’re ready for a larger Project.

Come to the course of Danyal Fayyaz – a professional PHP Developer.

Building a custom CMS with PHP is a viral Real Project that almost every PHP Developer goes through after having an initial knowledge base.

This course is divided into two parts, Front-End and Back-End.

You will have a small blog after completing this course.

This will be a substantial step forward for you to embark on more complex projects that will be further introduced by VHW below.

Reviews: The course will give you an accurate look at the process of building PHP websites.

Tips: Danyal Fayyaz also has a short 2-hour course with Project that creates a very professional registration form in PHP; take a little time to do this Project will help you improve your skills (PHP: Complete Registration and Login with Email Verification).

3. Build An eCommerce Website From Scratch With PHP & Bootstrap

  • Author: Syed Raza
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Audience: Intermediate & Advanced

Syed Raza is the CEO and founder of ClayDesk, a well-known Outsourcing company.

He will teach you to build a practical project with very familiar PHP eCommerce.

You will step by step, build a sales website with advanced knowledge of MySQL Database and combine with Twitter Bootstrap / CSS to create an eye-catching website.

Reviews: This course gives you one of PHP Developer’s essential skills – Building an eCommerce website.

4. PHP With Bootstrap3 CMS System and An Admin Panel

  • Author: Joe Parys
  • Duration: 19.5 hours
  • Subject: From Beginner to Advanced

Joe Parys even got Brad Hussey’s reputation for the name in PHP and Teaching Online.

His courses are usually full-fledged and highly professional projects as if you were working in real life.

This 19.5-hour course assures you to build a complex PHP CMS and fully leverage PHP knowledge from beginner to advanced.

Comment: Once you’ve completed the courses above and make sure you get the hang of it, get started on a real project with Joe Parys, and when it’s done – you’re ready to go. There!

5. Building eCommerce Website in PHP / MySQLi

  • Author: Abdul Abdul
  • Duration: 15.5 hours
  • Subject: Advanced

Abdul Abdul or Abdul Wali is a very famous Web Developer on social networks and Online Teaching sites.

This author has extensive knowledge of eCommerce projects as well as Front-End HTML5 / CSS / jQuery array.

It would help if you practiced building a complex PHP eCommerce project, and this is the perfect course.

Comment: This course is a very complete and professional eCommerce project.

Like Joe Parys’ CMS building course above, your ‘real battle’ skill will level up to a new level!


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Through the article summarizing the best PHP courses Skillshare in 2019, VHW hopes you will get useful information and soon embark on the path to becoming a professional PHP Developer.