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StockUnlimited Group Buy

Already in 2020, do you still choose ShutterStock account or “change wind” to StockUnlimited account?

Many of my friends know when talking about photos, they always think of Shutterstock or Freepik. These brands seem to have stuck in their heads, leaving you with a more expensive fee that may not use up resources.

It is time we should be “open-mind” to welcome services to buy and sell images of good quality, lower prices, and more features. In this article, I will quickly evaluate StockUnlimited.

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What is the StockUnlimited account?
The great thing about StockUnlimited accounts
User licenses
Outstanding features in StockUnlimited accounts
Does the conclusion choose a Shutterstock account or StockUnlimited account?

What is the StockUnlimited account?

Images are one of the most important factors for content marketing. No matter who you are, what you do, your article, the introduction will become more professional and attractive if there is a “unique-beautiful photo.”

But you can not always get satisfied photos from Pixabay or similar services. And if there is, it is also easy to crash. But this must be you, like me, do not like it. If an introduction like a slide is only viewed once, it’s okay, but some articles are viewed many times, the beautiful-unique photo will make people remember your “talent” more. 🙂

Shutterstock was too famous. Shutterstock is the largest brand of copyrighted photography in the world. But the expensive stock is chopped into pieces. You have to pay a high monthly fee and can not download much due to the limit. A few years ago, if I tried it out, it was “pitiful” for $ 49 for ten photos. ☹

For a blogger or a small business, this price is… very annoying. Therefore, I present to you an alternative that is not mild, which is StockUnlimited. Worth the money and the quality of service expected.

The great thing about StockUnlimited accounts

The first is that you can download and use photos from this photo gallery and use them for various purposes, from commercial to personal, without limitation. Can you use up a few hundred thousand photos a month? 🙂

With the StockUnlimited account, you can easily find hundreds of thousands of beautiful shimmering pictures.

StockUnlimited provides image formats, including photos, vectors, icons, and infographic templates. However, we see most of us only use three formats: SVG, EPS, and PNG. You can pay monthly or yearly and longer than pay every three years for a more favorable price.

StockUnlimited was established in 2014. At first, the StockUnlimited photo warehouse was only 600 thousand photos. To date, they have over 1 million pictures and continue to increase gradually.

The race for the number of photos in stock is becoming more and more fierce among leading brands, including StockUnlimited. What surprised me is that even though it was born in 2014, but by 2020 very few people in Vietnam use it. Everyone is still mostly focused on Shutterstock.

In addition to photos, the current StockUnlimited also provides Audio services. I don’t have time to test this service yet.

User licenses

StockUnlimited has two different licenses, including the Standard License and the Extended License.

When you purchase a subscription, you will receive a Standard License to download and use stock photos for personal and commercial purposes on our website, social media, print, etc.

In most cases, a Standard License covers all basic needs.

An extended license allows you to resell the downloaded content as part of a digital product. And you have to pay extra fees to use this license.

Outstanding features in StockUnlimited accounts

  • Get access to over 1 million stock images, vectors, icons, and infographic templates for personal and commercial use.
  • An unlimited number of downloads.
  • Stock photos are continuously added.

As soon as you register successfully, access to the homepage, you will immediately see a search bar in the middle of the page. The interface design of StockUnlimited I judge is intuitive, simple, and easy to use, more compact than Freepik or Shutterstock.

You need to enter keywords or a subject in this search box to find suitable photos. Below the matching photo, StockUnlimited also provides relevant suggestions for you to expand your search capabilities. So, there was a time, instead of searching for the clock, I looked for the globe to illustrate. Thank goodness the results (of the introduction with that image) are not bad. ????
Three tags will appear after your search results, the most relevant photo, the most recently searched photo, and the free photo. Free images are also very nice. ????

Uploading photos from StockUnlimited is similar to that of ShutterStock’s photo service.

Another option, you can use StockUnlimited’s photo editor to edit photos before downloading. Interestingly, StockUnlimited’s online photo editor is quite similar to Photoshop in terms of features and very similar to Canva in terms of simplicity. StockUnlimited seems to be a combination of these two “super image” tools. ????

With the online photo editor, StockUnlimited allows you to choose a photo with the size that best suits you. Suppose you post on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. StockUnlimited’s photo editor allows you to add text (text) and other effects quite quickly and conveniently.

Does the conclusion choose a Shutterstock account or StockUnlimited account?

In my opinion, immediately experience StockUnlimited to draw your conclusions if you ask me, of course StockUnlimited, because I am an amateur who loves photos.