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Unbounce Group Buy


Unbounce offers a beautiful and powerful landing page builder that is ideal for startups, small businesses, and marketing agents looking to stay ahead of the competition. With Unbounce, you can quickly design mobile-friendly landing pages without needing a developer or an IT department. If you’re an entrepreneur, this means you can quickly test concepts, pricing models, or even branding. The best part is that Unbounce integrates with some of the most popular marketing tools on the market so that you can maximize your effectiveness with minimal effort.



If you need a professional landing page builder that’s easy to use, Unbounce is for you. Not only can you create high-converting and fast-converting landing pages through the easy-to-use editor, but you can also try them out for 30 days for free, so you can experience the tools and features. before making a purchase.

You do not need any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. A setup wizard will help you create the perfect landing pages.

While most are suitable for companies specializing in marketing services, small businesses, or even individuals, will find it a useful tool for building a reputation.

The reason you should choose Unbounce

  • Useful for marketing companies
  • Mobile design
  • Reliable, easy to use

Want to know if Unbounce is the right choice for you?


125+ beautiful templates to choose from

All of Unbounce’s models are mobile-friendly and well-designed with user interaction and transformation in mind.

Sample selection: Unbounce offers various templates to filter by industry type, campaign type, or use case, allowing you to find what you’re looking for quickly. They also have available third-party templates for purchase on Themeforest.

Customizability: You can customize the templates with the best details.


Unbounce provides an efficient drag and drop tool that helps you drag images, text, videos, and even maps to your landing page and then rearrange them accordingly. You can integrate social media, download subscription forms (such as eBooks), and more.

Once your landing page is ready, you can measure visitor statistics to track visits and conversion rates and use A / B testing to improve your results.

Some of the more premium features are Dynamic Text Replace, which lets you switch keywords across all your pages at once, custom confirmation pages, campaign groups, and more.

Furthermore, Unbounce integrates with some of the best online marketing tools, allowing you to maximize efficiency in minimal time. Popular integrations include Zapier, MailChimp, WordPress, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, and more.


A useful tool for creating beautiful and practical landing pages

Unbounce is an efficient yet user-friendly platform that is easy to use. The primary builder window opens up a large workspace that includes helpful tutorials.

When you sign in for the first time, Unbounce takes you through a process, explaining features and options in plain English.

Work with different sections in just one step, and the properties tab on the right lets you adjust all areas of the page. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, the tutorial opens up, so by the time you’re ready to publish, you’ll feel like an expert.

Marketers will find A / B testing tools and analysis tools that are incredibly professional and helpful.


Unbounce is ready to assist users!

  • Video tutorials – just one start video
  • Email support
  • Forums – always active
  • Help Center
  • Blog – always active
  • Phone support
  • Chat online

There are many ways to get help, either in the knowledge base and FAQs, through blogs or forums.

Plus, you can chat with one person via the Live Chat option, or you can call for free during business hours—quick and helpful support.


High-end features, affordable price

Unbounce is labeled for large businesses and marketing firms, and they offer consistent pricing.

Subscribing to an annual service plan will give you a 20% discount. However, the price is still relatively high. While the number of features and integrations they offer are impressive, they even limit the number of pages, pop-ups, and address bar you can publish, which doesn’t seem fair.

You can try all Unbounce plans for 30 days for free, but you will need to provide your credit card information first.