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What is the VideoBlocks tool? How to buy cheap VideoBlocks accounts together?

In the field of marketing, video is one of the primary means of communication. It is hard to find videos that are both free and the quality that meets your needs. So today, AEDigi introduces to everyone the VideoBlocks tool, which provides a rich database of audio and video, most notably HD and 4K quality short movies. Let’s learn more about the VideoBlocks tool through the article below, everyone!


  • What are Videoblocks?
  • Highlights VideoBlocks
  • User Guide VideoBlocks
  • How to buy cheap VideoBlocks accounts collectively?

What is Videoblocks?

VideoBlocks is a website that offers quality videos with lots of high-resolution options to choose from. Besides, this tool contains various videos with different topics, ranging from aerial video clips of natural scenes to everyday lifestyle scenes

Highlights VideoBlocks

VideoBlocks contains a massive database of more than 50,000 videos covering life topics, themes, background music, sound effects, and cinematic effects of all kinds. Category. This tool is suitable for everyone, from beginners to cinematography to professionals. The VideoBlocks tool is a rich and diverse resource that makes it easier for them in the post-editing phase and makes the work unique, exciting, and much more valuable. Not to mention, the convenience of this tool saves users a lot of time.

Just type in the keyword “free stock footage download” on Google Search or YouTube, and you will immediately have a list of many services specializing in providing free background video clips. However, most will be stamped “watermark” (watermark) of their company on the product. And if you use this footage in your video clip, you are promoting them, not your work.

Contrary to it, the VideoBlocks tool absolutely will not mark “water” (watermark) on your product because of a small fee for the product. The free versions of it also do not stamp the video clip and its quality does not change too much compared to the premium version. Also, you can still freely download everything on it in HD quality within 1 week.

VideoBlocks User Guide

VideoBlocks allows you to download videos for free but at a low rate if you do not have a VISA, Master Card, Discover Network, or American Express card.

First, go to the VideoBlocks homepage and click the “Browse” button. you are located in the upper left corner of the screen. Here, the interface will display all resource stores in the area of ​​”Royalty-Free Stock Clips.” According to the chronological release order, the most recent files will be on the first page. You click the Next button to see the next page or click on a specific number to jump to the desired page.

By default, VideoBlocks will display up to 48 files on the interface. But you can still double this number in the “Show” section (choose the 96 per page item). The “Sort by” field will help you reorder the files according to many different criteria, for example, closely following the keywords entered in the Search videos box …, by name from A to Z or vice versa, according to many downloads. Most, by user votes, favorites, or most recently viewed.

Click on the “All Time” button right after “Range” to view the data in VideoBlocks’ resource repository; select “This Month” if you only want to see the files uploaded to it this month or “This Week” if you want to watch. Files are uploaded within the week. Besides, you can also filter the search results by the criteria of playback quality (HD / SD)

Through the “start browsing” area – the set of standards is located on the left edge of the screen you can also advanced search and Download background music, sound effects and cinema effects.

To view a particular clip on VideoBlocks, you need to click on the “thumbnail” in the page listing the search resultsm then click the “Download” button to download it to your computer with the highest quality or click the “Add to” button. Favorites” to mark it as favorites.

How to buy cheap VideoBlocks accounts together?

Although VideoBlocks provides a large number of resources to users. You still have to pay a fair amount to use exciting and high-quality videos. This can also be a limitation of this tool. So AEDigi would like to introduce you tone the bundled Ahrefs package; with this package, you can ultimately use it without any restrictions. Also, AEDigi offers you a set of 20 dedicated SEO tools like Canva, Magisto, Vyond, and more.