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What is the WordAi tool? How to buy a cheap WordAi account together?

WordAi tool is considered the most quality spin content software today. This is an indispensable tool for SEOs, especially when making a website in English because it helps create content for articles. Currently, it is very trusted by the content writers community.

Let AEDigi learn about the great functions of this tool!


  • What Is WordAi?
  • Special features of WordAi
  • Automatically rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs
  • It can understand the idea and concept of
  • It articles understand that words have different meanings.
  • How to buy WordAi cheap it account together

What Is WordAi?

It is software that creates quality content like humans. Tools can understand the text and rewrite content using artificial intelligence. It is highly appreciated by both users and experts in the field of AI Writing Assistant Software because the sentences of the new range are easy to read and understand as if written by a human.

WordAi special features

Automatically rewrite entire sentences and paragraphs.

The highlight of the WordAi tool is to understand the meaning of each word content fully. It does not see the words in a sentence as a list but does understand the connection and interaction between the words in the sentence. From there, it can rewrite entire sentences to give an entirely new meaning. This ensures Google and Copyscape can’t detect your content!

  • A tool to understand the importance of each word in a sentence and how terms relate to each other
  • Find out many ways to rewrite content based on the meaning of a
  • It article to produce a whole new sentence, this makes the item Your writing becomes unique and undetected as content by Google.
WordAi can understand the idea and concept of the article.

Before spinning the content, WordAi’s artificial intelligence reads your entire essay and understands its content. This allows the tool to turn according to paragraph and document complexity. There doesn’t seem to be any machine that can do this, but it, so the new content will feel like humans wrote it. Also, It can help you rewrite headlines by identifying what the post is about.

  • WordAi reads, gathers information, and rewrites like a human.
  • This allows it to automatically generate synonyms for each article based on the original content.
  • Can intelligently create article titles
WordAi understands that words have different meanings

WordAi can understand the importance of the terms and tell us the difference between them. Accordingly, the tool ensures that each synonym it chooses has a complete sense. This is the key to creating quality articles that can be read as fluently as humans do!

  • Create synonyms “standard without correction” with
  • It original documents based on the exact meaning of each word to choose suitable synonyms

How to buy a cheap WordAi account together

Although WordAi is a handy tool, its weakness is that the account registration fee is too high, so you can reduce this cost by joining AEDigi’s ahrefs generic purchase package! Just 200k per month, you can use the full functionality of this tool. More over, you also get a free set of 20 tools for other SEOs like Buzzsumo, Majestic, …